Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thank You Awesome Reader

Tom and I went to Montgomery (about an hour from Auburn) or a swim party/cookout with some pretty awesome friends. They have five boys who are roughly the same ages as my four girls. And believe it or not, they all got along swimmingly. (haha) 

Anyway, because they are such awesome friends, they tried to keep everything Primal for us. . . which I would never ask anybody to do because I know how much of a pain it is, so we are extra grateful to them. 

Anyway, my friend Vickie told her friend that we were coming for dinner and Vickie's friend said she's a reader of my blog and offered to make the desserts. 

Okay, reader of my blog, you are my newest best friend! I was dying for chocolate that day... and I had been craving brownies for weeks, so I thank you very much for the Primal-Approved brownies and macaroons!  

That was so unbelievably nice of you, Mrs. reader. I know both things are time consuming and expensive to make. Not only was it a nice gesture, but the desserts were actually very good. And those were the best Primal brownies I've ever had. 

So thanks for doing that for me and my family even though you've never met us. Hopefully we can get to be friends in real life soon! 

And many thanks to the Jason and Vickie for hosting us and being totally awesome friends!

Don't Go Away!

I can't believe it's been so long since my last post. Yikes. 

Don't go away! The family is in Alabama for the month of July so Tom can play with all his geeky friends. And so the kids can have fun seeing their old friends. And it turns out going on "vacation" for a month right after you move is actually kinda stressful in the sense that you are always busy. Our apartment has a saltwater pool (Yippee!) so we have been hanging out there a lot. Also, it doesn't help that the only way my internet works here is if I sit right next to the TV in the living room... with lots of kids climbing all over me... that tends to shorten the amount of time spent on the computer... and therefore, the blog. 

What are you favorite Summer, quick dishes?  We need some new, fun ideas!  We did bring all of our Paleo/Primal cookbooks with us. Have we actually looked through them yet?  Nope. 

Also, thank you for all the responses to My Story. I am looking into the suggestions some of you have offered. Thanks so much!