Thursday, June 7, 2012

Falling Off the Wagon

In the spirit of being honest, I'm just going to say that we've fallen off the wagon a bit lately. It's just too much for me to pack/unpack a house--mostly all by myself... take care of four kids... have Tom out of town on a week long deal... and deal with all the various errands that accompany a move... I have neither the time, nor the energy to cook three times a day. I know many of you will say "if you just did..."  but I'm a fairly goal-orientated person, and if I fail to meet that goal (staying Primal) it's because doing so would cause serious mental harm to me or members of my family.  And I'm not even (really) joking. 

However, we haven't been out eating pizza or downing the Pepsi (ew, anyway) every night. It's been mostly some potatoes (white) and a couple of sweet (frozen yogurt...cookies) things, and probably a bun or two. Interestingly, my kids thought they were going to be in heaven when I said "look, whatever. You know what it will do to you, so you figure out if it's worth it."  I was pleasantly surprised when one of them, Veronica (who was the most resistant to this "diet" when we first started) said "well, I ate my burger with only the bottom of the bun, and just *one* french fry. . . because... I was hoping to eat that half cookie later today, so I thought to myself "ooh, don't eat too many bad things, because you will be sorry."  

Okay, so even though we could be scolded for not staying Primal, I was really happy that my seven year old showed that much self-control and forethought when it came to her food. I was even more happy when it turned out to be my carboholic, will-do-anything-including-sell-my-own-grandmother-if-it-means-I-get-extra-carbs daughter.

I've been craving carbs like crazy. I eat mostly potatoes when that happens. I think it's because lifting 50lb boxes and 90lb rugs have a way of making your heart and muscles burn fuel like crazy. I wish I like sweet potatoes... I have tried and tried, but man, I just don't get how anybody could like them. It's icky. And orange. And sweet. NOT a potato, people. It's just not. 

I wish I could find my camera cord because I have some nice photos of food we've made at the new house. One day we had: Breakfast: eggs, bacon and fruit.  Lunch: nitrate-free hotdogs with a spring mix salad, topped with feta, blueberries and a honey-lime dressing. And dinner was hamburger patties and a vegetable salad.  It was all very pretty and very tasty. Hopefully tomorrow I can get the recipe up for the salad. 

Let's see... what else... not sure. I'll be very happy with the unpacking process is completed, because we now have some awesome walking trails right next to my house, and I cannot wait to get out there and walk.  I just have to figure out a way to keep Elizabeth in a stroller. And I suppose giving her cookies to munch on is out?  

I kid, I kid!

I'll give her some tree bark and tell her it's super primal. 

Tom says I have a different personality in my writing than I do in real life. Well, duh... in writing you can be as dumb as possible, but I don't have to see people roll their eyes at me when they are way on the other side of the ... computer, I guess. I told him we can't all be like him; charming and good looking all the time. 

Okay, so that's my update for tonight. I am really hoping to get back to cooking/baking sometime next week. 

Wish me luck!


  1. Came across a great recipe to make a double batch of and pack in the car or lunch boxes. Grain and sugar free cookies!

  2. Hey Heather! In keeping up with Paleo, potatoes and white rice seem to be OK. There are more nutrient dense options (meat + veg), but I wouldn't sweat a potato. ;)