Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Tom and I went out of town this weekend. First he gave a speech at a Ron Paul rally in Tampa. And then we thought we'd get some beach time in... that didn't work out though, thanks to Tropical Storm Issac. We ended up at the Salvador Dali museum. Scary, I know. I had to turn a research paper about Dali when I was in college. It was very ... scary.  However, they few books I read, and my professor, never talked about Dali being a "normal" painter. Some of his paintings are genuinely breathtaking and masterpieces. Don't get me wrong, there was a bunch of weird stuff too, but interesting all the same. 

Anyway, this week the whole family has suffered from a Summer of only eating partially Primal. I'm not gonna lie... Eating Primally is super easy if you are only thinking of yourself. It because exponentially more difficult with each person you add. So not only was trying to balance a crazy summer with six family members already difficult, but add in extra family while on visits, and traveling constantly... I would say it was impossible. There are the hardcore people who will shout out "shoulda just packed a cooler."  And we did when we could, but nuts and jerky can only hold you over for so long. 

I suppose anything is possible as long as you are determined to make it work. Still... I think food should be apart of life, not an obsession. Something had to give. I chose to fall of the wagon here and there. For you, that may not be an option.  One thing I really hate is when people say "try this, it's the easiest thing, really!"  And it turns out to be rather difficult. They seem to think admitting that going and STAYING Primal is hard at times, it must mean it invalidates their entire argument. Odd logic. 

Anyway, it is very, very difficult to stay Primal when you are not on a set routine and you constantly have other people coming in and out of the picture. I'm not ashamed of it. It is what it is.

In any event, we are really trying to get back on track now that we have a set schedule again.  The kids aren't sleeping as well. Tom's stomach issues came back. And I feel tired a lot. We've also had to deal with some emotional issues with a couple of the kids. Fun times. 

On the upside: Every one in the family has said they prefer to be Primal because they feel so much better.  Now that we're home from trips and back to school craziness, I'm hoping to start making up new menus. 

This week or next I'll have a post on the perfect turkey. Stay tuned!


  1. Give yourself a pat on the back! You have done an incredibly wonderful thing for your family and you should be proud of how far you have come. I find inspiration in your stories. Lesser people would have given up.

  2. It's incredibly frustrating that there is simply NO GOOD OPTION for travelers and those who are busy. Not only do we need to really take our health into our own hands and make sure we know what's in every thing that passes our lips, but there is NO HELP for people like us who want to be careful! The ONLY option is to cheat. It's really sad to me that it has to be this way. I get to points where I'm fit to burst from all the work of just feeding the family and that is without traveling. No judgment here.

  3. I totally hear you, Heather. We spent 2 months visiting family in the States (we live in Israel) and basically switched houses every 4 days. It was IMPOSSIBLE to keep on top of what we ate and make sure to have primal ingredients wherever we went. I managed to stay mostly primal for about 2 weeks, my husband gave up a little sooner. I was really disappointed in myself for not being able to keep it going all summer, especially since this is my first primal pregnancy, and i was really curious to see if there would be a difference. But alas, that did not work out.. maybe next time...?
    We have been back home a week now and we are both being pretty strict about it. Thank God neither of us have any major health issues that we'd be able to gauge a major difference, although my husbands migraines did return over "the summer of wheat".
    Good luck to us all climbing back on the band wagon!

  4. Salvador Dali museum!

    The rest of your post is like the title, Blah, Blah, Blah!

    You were near my hometown and I sure miss my home town (Clearwater) now that I'm in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

    I'm sorry, did this post have a point? he! he! :)

  5. Seriously, I just have myself and my boyfriend to keep on track with a Primal diet. I cannot imagine adding kids into the mix.

    You are doing great!