Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Home at Last and Back to School Lunch!

Hi all!

Thanks for not giving up on me.  We are FINALLY home from all trips, have our house mostly in order (still waiting on furniture), and school supplies bought, labeled and kids sent off to school. 

Now I need to sit down, go through our Primal cookbooks, and come up with a delicious menu. Any ideas?

I bought a new lunch box system for each of my girls. I think it makes lunch more fun. I'm hoping it cuts down on the teasing --"Weird, what is that?!"--and makes my girls feel more excited about the food. It's called the Bento System. Check it out!  A little pricey, yes, but I had to buy three or four lunch totes last year, because the girls kept spilling food, and mold would grow in all the crevices, and this system comes out to about the same price (as last year) but it is durable, dishwasher safe, and fun! 

Here is what we made for the first day of school lunch:

Nitrate-free ham and mustard. Grapes/melon/cherries. Carrots/tomatoes. And a snack of dark chocolate chips and sunflower seeds. Plus a water bottle.

  It came home empty! And the girls said nobody made fun of the food. I think it looks much more appetizing than when it's in ziplock bags. 

It did take a while for it to ship, FYI. It does work so well, and the carrying cases (I'll have to find a photo of those somewhere) are so colorful and fun... we didn't mind waiting.  

Gotta run for now, but I'm hoping to get back to regular blogging now. 


  1. The lunch boxes are great! And I like your choice of foods. Excited to see you back to blogging. Your blog is one of my favorites and I get excited when there's a new post. :)

  2. Another great lunch box system is the planet box, very similar style. My daughter loves hers and I use one also :)
    Glad to see you back