Thursday, August 2, 2012

We're Home!

Thanks for bearing with me during our crazy Summer. It feels like I've been in so many homes, cars, and States over the last month or so, that I keep forgetting where I am. 

Now that I'm really home I have much easier access to the internet. So we can now resume blogging! 

This week or next I am going to go buy a turkey so I can finally do the post on how to make the perfect turkey. We'll have to see when that happens though... Tom is sick with some kind of icky virus. The kids have been out of sorts today, so I'm sure that means they will be getting sick shortly. 

Interesting Fact: This is the first virus/sickness we've had (as far as I can remember) since we've gone Primal back in January!  Incidentally, we've had a lot of junky food the last few weeks, so coincidence... probably not. ;) 

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