Friday, March 9, 2012

Egg in a Mug, help!

Okay, so early on in the GP journey somebody left me a recipe for making eggs in a coffee mug. I finally bought the mugs last week (we're not coffee drinkers) and then I forgot the recipe! And I can't remember under which post it would be.

So if you know who you are (Polly, maybe?) and you know which recipe I'm talking about, (eggs and flax, I think?) please comment below!  

Thank you :)


  1. I think this is the post you are looking for:

  2. Yes, it was me. Thanks Peter for providing the link. The receipe is in my comment I think the sixth comment down the list.

    Heather, the beauty is the kids can each have a different flavor by changing the spices a bit. As it cooks in the microwave it looks like a volcano in a cup. It will rise over the rim but falls back at the end of the minute. We cut ours into two to four slices. I have heard from others that you can put the batter into a small round bowl or a square shaped Pyrex or Corningware casserole dish so you end up with a bun shaped round that's flatter or a square flat more like a slice of bread. You can experiment with that later.

    Another variation you can try is substitute one tablespoon of coconut flour for the ground flaxseed. The coconut flour is super absorbent so you only need a little compared to flax. This will create a lighter flavor and color muffin. Try this one with lemon poppyseed or almond extract etc. I am so excited to hear you are going to try this. I think it will be a huge help for your kids who miss bread type foods and it's something you can make up to put in school lunches so it looks like "normal kid food.".

    We actually made up little baggies of the dry ingredients with the butter blended into the mix and took the muffin mix with us on vacation. Then all we needed was eggs to throw into the miix and we had muffins for the condo. Great for breakfast, snacks, or as a side with lunch or dinner. You could make multiples in a muffin pan in your oven but I have never done that. Others have, using 350 degrees and about 15-20 minutes.

  3. I read that recipe, Polly, and have made it several times since you posted it. Yummy! I love it! Thank you so much!