Friday, March 30, 2012


I swear we are on a mission to make ourselves as miserable as possible on Fridays. Fridays are harder. Fridays during Lent are harder. Fridays during Lent while traveling, impossible. 


Our flight didn't leave until the afternoon, so I had time to hit the gym this morning. Remembering that I nearly died from nausea last time I didn't eat beforehand, I made about four eggs and ate those on the drive to school/gym.  That seemed to hold me pretty well. 

Then I went home and packed, cleaned (a little) and all that fun stuff. I wasn't yet hungry (around noon), but I figured there would be nothing at the airport, so I decided to pack a few things. 

I made a salad which consisted of celery, cucumbers, bell peppers, nuts, olive oil, and 3 boiled eggs. I also packed some nuts and a few dark chocolate chips. Just in case. 

I had the salad on the way to the airport, which was good since there was only a small cheese and grapes and carrot "plate" at the airport. Blah. 

We finally arrive in Philly and talked with friends for a while. What was in our room? Several brochures for pizza. REAL pizza!  

Tom decided he wanted pizza since we *never* have real pizza. it's Friday, and we don't know the area. So he, a few new friends an I piled into the car and went to a pizzeria/restaurant.

We started with a salad: greens, Gorgonzola, apples, cranberries and walnuts.  Actually, this was my main meal, since everything else was off limits. 

Tom had a pizza with mushrooms and onions. The pizza came out and looked ah-mazing. It was the really flat, crispy, brick oven baked crust that one dreams about. It smelled even more amazing. Yet, I resisted ... for a while. I finally had two slices, BUT I scraped off all the toppings (and gave the mushrooms to Tom--eww), and ate it with a fork. Since it was really thin pizza, there wasn't much there, so it was just enough for a taste of it. It was so good! I still wanted the crust, but I left it. :(

We arrive back at the hotel, and I was still hungry, so I went to the small cafe (prepacked stuff) and found the one thing that read "All natural ingredients" . Ice cream. After about three bites, all I could taste is sugar, so now I'm sitting her picking out all the dark chocolate chunks and consoling myself with that. 

I better have access to breakfast tomorrow!


  1. How did you guys feel after the pizza?

  2. I'll bet that Tom had some digestive issues today (gluten will tend to do that).