Friday, March 30, 2012

We're Going to Philly!

I will try and post while in Philly this weekend (Tom is giving a speech), but we'll have to play it by ear. 

Philadelphia is home to the great cheese steak sandwich!  Tom has looked forward to this trip for months and months so that he can try two different cheese steak places.  It does sound yummy, however, I do not want the bread, or the cheese wiz. I'll eat at the place that uses provolone. And just eat the insides with a fork. 

Anyway, we're going a group of great people, so it will be fun. 

And it's Friday. Already?!  Yep. 

So I started with four eggs this morning. Now I have to figure out what to eat for lunch before we head out, since I know there is nothing in our miniscule airport that would be Primal AND Friday friendly. 

I wonder if I pack a container of nuts if the TSA will allow me to keep them, Stupid TSA. 

Anyway, does anybody have an Easter Menu they'd care to share?


  1. I am going to Long Island to visit family next week. I plan to take a container of Almond Butter, made locally in my little town. I hope I make it--I may have to divide it up into 2 for our 2 bags. My family is not paleo, but I am going armed with information as to why they should be paleo and taking "Wheat Belly" book to leave with them. That is what got me started. My daughter's symptoms and complaints would be helped so much by getting rid of grains and eating healthier. Her six year old daughter has asthma--what would 2 or 3 weeks without wheat do for that, I will ask her? Anyone can do 2 or 3 weeks. Worth a try or she will just say "mind your own business, Mom". Even though I have gone from a size 12 to 6 jeans since January 1 and my complaints are GONE GONE GONE (being 63 I had some!)

    Have a nice weekend--I have enjoyed your blog and been encouraged and impressed with how your kids are coming along.

    1. Wow, congrats on your amazing success! That is really something :)

      I hope you fare well with your daughter. Sometimes it just takes people seeing the change in you for them to be willing to listen. :)

      Thank you!

  2. I might actually be at that event. It depends on if I want to make the 8 hour drive or not. Though, if I do make it out there I will probably skip the cheesesteak. I've tried both 'Pat's' and 'Geno's' (they're right across the street from each other), as well as 'Tony Luke's', they were ok I guess (nothing all that special, it's just a sandwich). What places are you talking about?

    Oh yeah, almost all steak sandwiches in philly are served plain, wit or witout (onions), and you can choose wiz, provolone or american cheese. Just out of curiosity, what shop uses wiz only?

    1. Well, yes, you do want to make the eight hour drive! ;)

      I think Pat's and Geno's is what Tom had in mind, but I think there is a local here who is going to decide/suggest where we should go, so I'm not for sure.

      Hmm... don't know about the wiz. It was on Man vs Food, but I don't recall the name. Sorry ;/

      If you do end up coming out, please find me!

    2. Sorry, I couldn't make it out there (for reasons other than the drive). Also, if I had made it out there I definitely would have made it a priority to find the both of you for some chatting. I am kind of kicking myself in the rear over this, because I live in Ohio and this is probably one of the rare occasions that Tom has had a speaking engagement this close (albeit, one state away). Also, as far as I know, you don't typically travel with him on these things, so it would have been a two birds/one stone type of deal. Doh!

      Yeah, Pat's and Geno's are probably the most popular because Pat's is the original and Geno's is their competition. However, your friend who is a local to the area probably knows the best place around (it's not always the most popular place). I certainly hope that you guys have a good time in Philly, it's a pretty cool city despite what some people say.