Monday, March 12, 2012

Weight Check-In/Be Back Soon

Thanks to everyone who has commented lately. And welcome to the new-comers!

I will respond to your questions as soon as possible, but I'm behind on things this week due to sick kids and school projects. But I'll be back soon!

In the meantime: Since my last weigh-in on March 5th, I have lost another 3.4 lbs, which make it either 18 or 19 lbs lost!  I went to the gym today and while I loathe working out (really. I hate it.) it's a lot of fun to see the results. 

So tonight I was able to officially buy a smaller sized shirt. That was fun! 


  1. That is awesome! Two and a half months and a ~20 lbs loss is a nice rate. Start tweaking your household budget for new clothes. A common after workout paleo approved snack is sweet potato. Yummy starches!

  2. Congrats! It's always great news when you lose weight! Hi 5's!