Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cheese Steaks Sandwiches!

Sorry I didn't get to posting yesterday. It was a wild and crazy day. Fun, though.

We had to be at Tom's speaking event (NullifyNow!) around 10am. This was in a hotel with a cafe-like eatery. I ordered an egg sandwich: egg, cheese, and bacon. It was served on an english muffin, but I left that alone. (Tom had a probiotic filled yogurt).

So here's a surprise: I was interviewed on The Robert Scott Bell Show! He wanted to talk about my family's eating cleaner journey. The show runs tomorrow at 11am Central. I don't know how it went, really, I felt kinda all over the place, but it was a fun experience!  Anyway, I've linked to RSB before, but check him out if you are ready to look into healthier living.

For lunch, around 1:30 a very nice guy made a Chipotle run for those of us who were trying to eat cleaner foods. I ordered the pork with everything but rice and beans, which I demolished in about three minutes.

The next several hours were spent selling books, meeting new people, annoying Tom, and cleaning up.

Finally, we were ready to go out for the prized Cheese Steak! So a big group of us head to downtown Philly, we wanted to find a place where the locals hang, (not the touristy spots) so we headed to a place called Ishkabibble's. So we head downtown, there is No Place to park, so we drove around for a while, until we finally found a pay-and-park place. Then we walked a ways to get to the restaurant. It turns out the place was a walk in, order, and eat your sandwich on the go, kind of place. This might have been fun had it not been 40-50 degrees and windy as heck. I kinda like the cold, but not when I'm in sandals, a skirt, and super-thin sleeves. So we headed to a place across the street called "Copa Banana" I think. A very scary, yet, somehow fun, place. It was dark, and slightly tilting, and had several different rooms with lots of music and alcohol. We sat as far away as possible, and ordered cheese steaks. We didn't drink any alcohol, but we did order Mexican Cokes (made with real sugar), and that was the treat for the day.

So cheese steaks... steak, sauteed onions, and provolone cheese on a long roll. I guess I'm not really a fan. I thought it was bland and not really all that good. I didn't eat the bread though... maybe that adds something to it? 

My cheese steak

Tom's cheese steak
We went back to the hotel and hung around with some of the guys for a little while. Just talking and laughing and chugging water.

We're wild and crazy, I tell ya!

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  1. Which cheese steak won out?

    I find that the, how should I put it, [ahem] the "after effects" not worth it. Funny how before eating clean I could eat cheese steaks with fries. Now, food hangovers.