Saturday, April 7, 2012

Baking for Easter

Wow, today was a doozie! (by the way, recipes of baked goods mentioned today will be posted within the next few days)

I went to the mall today to find a smaller sized dress (yahoo!), but I had to take Elizabeth with me, and that made my mission an impossible one. She was in one of her defiant, you can't do anything to me to make me do what you want, kind of moods, which means we walked at a snails' pace and meandered around a lot. I guess it was okay though because the Mall had NOTHING. It was either "Hi, I'm a hooker" or "I'm too old to go shopping" types of dresses. And the one stylish dress I did find, it was all black and dark purple, which is not very Easter-y. Bummer.

I did manage to find a t-shirt on sale, and just for kicks I tried on a size: Medium. No way it would fit, I thought, but it would give me a good gauge on how far I need to go in order to buy smaller sizes (I was an XL before GP) ---and to my surprise, it did fit. I was shocked. And happy.  Unfortunately, I think all the weight from my middle fell to my hips, so this is not true of skirts or pants. Well, that's okay, I'll take what I can get at this point. 

Anyway... Regina (8) had a very sick hamster and after visiting the vet it was decided the hamster had to be put down since he had developed a tumor. So in the midst of all the other Easter preparations, we had to have a burial. 

I made a pan of brownies. This time I used cashew butter instead of the sunflower butter. The cashew butter made a heartier brownie. It didn't crumble as much. And I think it will be more satisfying. I just ate a bite to test it out... we'll see tomorrow!

I had wanted to make the Coconut Cowboy Cookies for the kids (for tomorrow morning), but they ate all the bananas. Again.  Then I thought I'd make a cheesecake instead, but then decided I didn't feel like going through the 15 different steps for it. So I settled on a decadent chocolate cake. 

Tomorrow the kids can have the brownies. I'll have the cake. But that leaves Tom without anything... so I found a berry tart I could make him, but I'll do that tomorrow sometime. 

In the meantime, I had to make dinner, but all I had was ground beef. So I made the kids burgers. Now, the grocery store did not have any organic ground beef, so I bought the range-free, organic Bison meat. Blah, I thought. Anyway, the kids ate it without complaint... they didn't even notice a difference! I pilfered a piece from Elizabeth's portion and thought it tasted a bit bland, but it really wasn't that bad, surprisingly. 

Elizabeth gives her bison burger a "thumbs up"

 Then we dyed eggs, which did not hold the dye so well for some reason. 

Stuffed mini-bell peppers:

Buried Muffin. 

Stuffed Easter baskets.

Now it's 10:30 and I've realized I have only eaten once (chicken) today. Seriously, this is getting annoying.


  1. Wow, Veronica looks just like her father.

  2. Yay on losing is so nice to buy smaller clothes! This time of year, I'd hunt the less fitted dresses so that the smaller you on top can hide the still bigger you on the bottom....Lands end has some nice stuff that doesn't look like either indecent or 17, and so does LLBean. Skip Target or else take the clothes home to try on: The dressing room mirrors will make you cry but they look fine at home. Why? No clue.

    And good work on the Easter stuff for the kids.