Monday, April 30, 2012


I had something come up suddenly (more on that in a few days) today so while I was able to go grocery shopping, I was not able to do my cooking and prepping, which stinks because it will mean I'll be behind all week. Grr.

Also, grrrr, is the fact that in my rush to put all the perishables away, I forgot the bag of chicken and left it out all day and most of the evening. I don't like to take chances with meat, and since it was hot(ish) today, I threw it out. Really did not make me happy.

Oh well. At least the carne asada meat is safely stored in the fridge and ready to be marinated!

I was also hoping to do a little bit of baking today. I wanted to have something for tomorrow morning that would be a good grab-n-go breakfast, rather than taking 15 minutes to make eggs that the kids may or may not eat (because they're tired of them).  We tried the microwaved eggs, but none of us really care for the taste or texture of it, unfortunately.

Amy had her class birthday party at Chuck E Cheese tonight. That's a whole lotta noise, lights, and kids, people.

So back to blogging tomorrow!

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