Monday, April 9, 2012

Tom Woods Update #3 (or: It's About Freakin' Time He Gives Us Another One)

Me: Hey, you, give me an update already!

Tom: Okay. Here you go....
The best part of it for me so far is that my shirt size is back down to where it was when I was in high school. I've taken off some weight without looking emaciated and scary. I still miss pancakes, pasta, and pizza, so whoever said those cravings would go away must not have liked them as much as I do. I am doing very well without soft drinks, which I used to think I couldn't live without. I'm now generally content with my unsweet iced tea with lemon. I'm consuming far less by way of sweets, and I have also coped with that better than I thought I would have. We've just bought a couple cookbooks with some very interesting recipes, so I look forward to continued additions to our repertoire.

Me: Seriously?  It's been two months and this is all I get? How about you answer some questions.

Tom: Okay.

Me: Your sleep (or lack thereof) has been an issue for you for several years. Has Going Primal helped you in this area?

Tom:  I think there has been at least a marginal improvement in my sleep, but I'll revisit this again in about a month.

Me: For a while there you were really having a difficult time feeling rested throughout the day. How has this changed?

Tom: I do think my energy increased during the three weeks we were super strict. These days I've been too busy to notice.

Me: Have you noticed any other subtle or otherwise improvements?

Tom:  In other areas I haven't had the kind of results other people have had.

Me: Do you think Going Primal was the right choice for our family?

Tom:  Yes, overall I think we made the right decision. But I do like the idea of having one day on which we eat what we want. Not Cheez-Its or stuff like that, necessarily, but food we like that we've given up. I think the kids would be happier, too.

Annnnnd there you have it. If you have a question you like to ask of Tom (please, no geeky Econ stuff!) please submit in the comment box (or email me at and I will do my best to rope Tom into answering them.  

Btw, Tom has a brand new project debuting today!  It's called Tom Woods's Liberty Classroom: the history they didn't teach you. In a nutshell, it's an online course in History (Economics coming soon!) taught by several, top-notch, professors. $99 will get you full access to the courses offered for a year, live Q&As with the professors, and other cool things, I'm sure.  Check it out!

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