Thursday, February 16, 2012


Thanks to a very nice reader who sent me a quick and easy recipe for coconut bread, we made sandwiches today! I was nearly out of sliced meat, so we made mini-sandwiches, but hey! it was a sandwich. The kids were thrilled! So thank you for the recipe, reader!

Ham and grassfed butter on coconut bread!
I wanted to also make cookies that have bananas and avocado mixed in to the batter, but 4 out of 5 of my avocados were black inside. BOOO!

The kids forgot to pack their lunches last night, so it was a mad rush this morning, and I couldn't even begin to guess at what they packed. Although, I know Amy took nothing, because I saw her lunch box at home, so I had to call the school and ask them to give her the beans and corn they were serving at lunch. Eh, she'll survive.

I skipped breakfast--did a lot of purging of the house--and had salad with turkey around 12:30.  Then I had a two of the mini-sandwiches in late afternoon. And I've yet to eat dinner. Not sure why I'm not all that hungry lately, but I'm guessing I should eat more than a salad and two small sandwiches. Or not. I don't know. 

Tom had quiet a few bowls of chicken soup, and a salad with pork for dinner. 

The kids had big bowls of salad and topped it with leftover pork loin. They seemed to like it well enough. 

I am not dehydrating beef jerky... I really hope it turns out well. I haven't a clue as to when to take it out of the dehydrator. 

So that's how I spent my day. Tom spent his cleaning the kitchen (cause he's nice like that). And the kids spent the day at school and then taking baths. 

Exciting, aren't we?


  1. Presumably, you're not hungry because you are burning body fat for fuel. That's awesome!

  2. Could you post the recipe for the coconut bread, please?

  3. I would also like to see that recipe!

  4. I just received in the mail today a cookbook called Cooking with Coconut Flour by Bruce Fife. I have been told he is the guru of cooking with coconut flour. Lots of appealing receipes. A few are not 100% primal but there are plenty that are. I hadn't realized how high fiber coconut flour is. He. claims it slows absorbsion of sugar into the bloodstream and lowers the glycemic index of the foods it's combined with.