Thursday, February 16, 2012

You Know You're Primal When...

  1. You have to make multiple trips per week to buy fresh produce.
  2. You can actually taste the difference in vanillas. 
  3. Foods/condiments which ones had subtle flavors are now strong even in small amounts. 
  4. Your first thought when planning a trip is "how many grocery stores are along the way?"
  5. You get looks of "did you escape from the looney bin" when you order Mexican entrees "without rice, beans, tortillas, or chips."
  6. Your teeth hurt when you think of eating sandwich bread.
  7. You tell your kids "if you have a good day, and eat all your dinner, you can have an orange!" And they cheer.
  8. You now know how to prepare three different types of squash, six different ways.
  9. You actually enjoy drinking water. 
  10. And you eat your salads out of mixing bowls, because the "regular sized" cereal bowls just won't cut it.


  1. Amazing! I agree with every single one!

  2. ...when your fridge and freezer are overflowing and your pantry is bare except for coffee and coconut oil
    ...when you eat enough eggs to know your farmer's chickens by name
    ...when your child begs for you to make brussel sprout chips (and pouts if you don't)

  3. So true. LOL Oh, do you have a recipe/directions on how to make the sprout chips?

  4. Mixing bowl reference totally spot on! I am eating a salad out of one right now!

    I found your blog via Tom's site. Keep up the good work! I've paleo'ish for a year. Lost 40 lbs by food and walking.