Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Heart shaped eggs for breakfast!  (eggs, bacon, feta cheese, mixed and poured into a heart-shaped cupcake mold)

We did books for gifts rather than the standard chocolate cake with pink icing, and bits of candy. Grandma--who is not Primal, but is being supportive of us--also bought the kids books. They love books, so there were no complaints... other than Amy saying "I guess we can't do what we did last year." 

I have to hand it to the kids. This morning I told them (again) they really had to avoid eating all the sweets that would be coming into school today. I said they could have one cookie, but to stay away from everything else. I packed them some extra fruit and nuts that they could eat. Not terribly exciting, I'm afraid. I thought they would would break (and I would have understood), but they didn't! As I picked them up, each girl very proudly told me "I only ate one cookie, and my fruit!" except for Veronica who said "I ate all my fruit. I didn't know I could have a cookie!" 

What kind of alien kids are these? Aren't kids supposed to break under such pressure, and sneak a treat or two, and just not feel the need to mention it?  I have some pretty awesome kids. 

I didn't eat anything until about 2pm. Then I made a salad with roasted turkey. And that was about it until dinner around 5:30 when I had a few eggs. And a lot of water!  Not sure why I wasn't too hungry... but there seems to be a little virus going through the kids, so maybe it's a good thing. 

Poor Tom was hit with the virus as well, so he hasn't eaten much at all, but he has been drinking a lot of water and resting--well, as much as resting as Tom knows how to do.

I was going to take Tom's "after" photo today, but he wasn't quite up to it. So maybe tomorrow. :)


  1. Wow...I would have just pulled them out of school for the day and cooked a lot of bacon. Good for them! I'm so impressed!!