Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thanks Again!

Once again, thanks to my readers for their help! This time I needed help with sauces, and your comments were very helpful! Easy, yet sound great. 

I ended up make a "Blender Hollandaise" sauce today. I used it as a mayonnaise for my ham and lettuce wrap. Then I dipped a bunch of bell peppers into the remainder of the sauce. Boy, was it delicious! 

I've always stayed away from hollandaise sauce since it was full of eggs and ::gasp:: butter! Also, it takes four hours for it to cook... or so I'm told. Today I found the 3 minute version, and since I'm neither French or a sauce snob (yet, anyway), I thought it was quite ingenious and delicious. 

Take a blender or a food processor (with a paddle attachment):

3 egg yolks
1/4 tsp dijon mustard
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 dash Tabasco 

Blend for about five-ten seconds. 

Then add 8 tblsp melted, hot butter. (I put the butter in a pyrex measuring cup, and microwaved it)

Add the butter in a slow, thin stream as the blender/food processor is running. It should thicken immediately, and be ready as soon as the last drop of butter is incorporated. 

Best eaten warm.  I think you can keep it out at room temperature for an hour, and in the fridge (loosely covered) for 1-2 days. 

 I think I will introduce the kids to the sauce (except Regina who cannot eat egg yolk)  by serving it with asparagus, which is something the whole family loves.

Being that today is Mardi Gras (the day before Lent begins) and we are about to embark of 40 days of even stricter food observances, Tom and I decided to take the girls out to dinner, and that they could even pick where to go. 

They choose Famous Dave's for ribs. They asked if they could get anything they wanted. I said "Yes, but keep in mind that if you choose to eat something we don't normally eat, you will not feel good tonight or tomorrow."  

Amy, my five year old, says "Oh. Well, if I'm going to feel bad, then I choose milk and ribs. I wanted chocolate milk, but I don't want to feel icky." 

Veronica had a huge smile and asked for Sierra Mist, Ribs, and a corn muffin. 

Regina also had Sierra Mist, chipped pork sandwich, and a corn muffin. Originally, Regina had said she was going to discard the bun, but she ended up eating it. 

Tom had ribs and his cheat side was mac 'n' cheese. 

I kept it Primal, because I'm awesome that way. 

She had issues with her stomach before we even left the restaurant.  The bright side is, they are learning how to choose for themselves if they want to feel good or bad. And while I'm not ready to allow them to make these choices on their own every day, they are at least getting a feel for the pros and cons. 

After dinner we took them to get a frozen yogurt. We used to do this semi-often, but haven't done it in months, so we thought it was a good celebratory thing to do. It was fun. We had about 1/3 of the amount (each) that we would normally get, added a few toppings, and ate it. They loved it. The baby didn't want hers, but she hasn't been eating much these last few days. 

Once we arrived home and got settled, Regina repeatedly said "well, I just don't know if I will sleep tonight. My stomach feels really weird. I wish I didn't eat all that bad stuff."   

We'll see what the fallout is with Veronica tomorrow. I hope it's minimal! 

So Lent begins tomorrow, and we're not entirely sure about how to incorporate the rules of fasting (some voluntary and some required) into eating Primally, since we're pretty sparse as it is, but we'll definitely cut out baking treats until Easter. 

Wish us luck!

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