Tuesday, February 21, 2012


As you know Veronica has been my toughest case to win over to Primal eating. She's always been my carbaholic, and has been outright angry about the loss of her favorite foods.

 She even told me (two weeks into GP) that maybe the household would be better if I left, and I just allowed them to live here with Dad. She's one of the sweetest kids ever, so I was shocked by this display of anger. I'm choosing to believe it was the yeast die-off talking. ;)

Anyway....  today on the car ride home from school, Amy was asking "when can we eat grains?" for the millionth time, and Veronica says "Ehh, who wants grains anyway? They'll just make you dead." I nearly slammed on the breaks. (please note, I am not saying (or teaching my children) that if people eat grains, you/they will die, so no need to email me and tell me how judgmental I am. hehe) 

Veronica has also been in a much better mood these last few days, so I'm hopeful she is getting on the Primal wagon... or, wheel?

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