Monday, February 13, 2012

Not So Hungry


 I've noticed that all of us have finally settled into normal eating cycle. I would say the first four to five weeks, we all felt like we could eat very often. We never felt hungry as in "I'm not getting enough food and I'm starving!" like you can on other diets, but we did feel full, and two hours later be starving again. 

The last few days I've noticed the kids (who still eat more than six weeks ago) are finally satisfied and are going longer between eating.  

I ate 3 eggs this morning, and did not eat lunch (which was some brisket and two cups of steamed broccoli, carrots, and green beans) until 3:30... even then I only ate because I was beginning to get a headache, not because I felt starving.

Dinner was steak with butter, green beans, and some fresh carrots for the kids. Tom is sick, so just had some vegetables (and maybe a small piece of cheesecake). 

The kids packed their own lunches again for today. Much of the same: roast beef, bell peppers, and some grapes. Although, Regina forgot her lunchbox in the van this morning (she forgets things all the time), so she had to have the school lunch, which was a rib sandwich, green beans, and a cookie. I told her to take the bread of the sandwich, eat the green beans, and she could have half the cookie. I would have driven her lunch to her, but I was already at the school (in Tom's car) since I was there to help the Kindergarteners with lunch.

I already gave the girls the speech on how they cannot eat all the junk that will be at school tomorrow for the Valentine's Day party. They are really great sports and happily said okay, and they would just bring fruit and eat that instead. I said they could eat one cookie, but no cakes or candies.  Maybe next year I'll have time to bake special cookies for them to take in. 

Tonight I made heart-shaped egg muffins (eggs, bacon, and feta) for their breakfast tomorrow. I also found heart shaped dark chocolate (about 1 sq in) and will give that to them. And one chocolate dipped strawberry.  That should just about do it. 

I signed up for a gym today, it's 3 miles from the kids' school and has childcare, so hopefully this saves me time and helps me get exercising a little more regularly.

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