Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 30 (I think).

The kids have a routine/responsibilities they are supposed to follow once they get home from school. One of these things is to clear out their lunch boxes, and place them on the kitchen counter, so they can be ready for me to pack at night.  Well, they didn't do this last night (they've been forgetting a lot lately), so ... I didn't make them a lunch. 

Don't freak out. I didn't send them to school without any food all day. I told them they'd have to make their own lunch, and they had exactly four minutes before we had to be in the van. This was partly a test to see what they would choose, and partly a "see how annoying it is to pack lunch, so you'd better start eating all of it!" kind deal. 

I don't even know what they packed, because I had a crying baby hanging on my legs, so four minutes later I said "Get in the van!" Around lunch time I thought "sure hope they packed enough", but if they didn't, I'll bet they will eat dinner!

As soon as they walked in the house, they devoured the berries(and some kiwi) plate. Then we had to do some cleaning up of toys and art supplies. They were really hungry by that point. 

I made salads first.  Romaine lettuce, orange peppers, celery, broccoli, and cucumbers with a olive oil, salt, and lemon. They ate this fairly quickly... except Veronica. She always takes forever when it comes to salads. 

Then I made a plate of chips (made from squash and zuchini from the dehydrator) with tomato salsa, and a big hunk of roasted turkey. They ate everything.  And were still hungry.  I asked what they had packed for lunch:

Regina: Some roast beef, some carrots, and some grapes
Veronica: Well, I didn't have lunch really
Amy: Cheese and some roast beef. 

All three agreed they need more food. And tonight, all three lunch boxes were cleaned out and waiting on the kitchen counter. he he he 

I should note that they had a Coconut Smoothie for breakfast. Coconut milk, strawberries, blueberries, eggs, cinnamon, and salt.  Yummy, yummy. 

So after dinner and homework, they wanted another snack... so I offered yogurt or nuts. They wanted the nuts. Then they had a few grapes. Then I noticed Regina snuck an apple and an orange. Then the others wanted something more to eat. And I said no, it's bedtime, and I knew they had plenty to eat. 

Then I was hungry. So as soon as I could get away with it (without all the kids knowing) I made a coconut parfait. 

1 can of coconut cream/milk
1 oz of Dark Chocolate (72%)
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp Vanilla

1/2 Medium Banana

Blend everything (but banana) in blender until all mixed together.  
Spoon into a cup. 
Layer with a few banana slices
More coconut mix
More bananas
More coconut 


I thought it would be a good high-fat "dessert" and the banana gave it just the right amount of sweetness. Since I am still trying to stay away from too much fruit, I only used half a banana. And then I gave half on my dessert to Regina who was still awake and asking for food. 

I had eggs and bacon for breakfast. Tom had a smoothie (we really need a new word for this). Elizabeth ate half my breakfast. She has also given up on eating yogurt. D'oh!

For lunch I made a fresh giant salad, and added about 6 oz (maybe less?) of turkey. Turkey is my new love. I love it more than chicken in my salad. Yumm!  Turkey also goes a long way. I had for my salad, we had it for dinner, and we're going to use it again for turkey-lettuce wraps tomorrow. 

I think it might be time for steak though. I could really go for a huge sirloin right now.  

Btw, I can't remember who asked, but I buy canned coconut milk (the box of milk is more like water consistency, whereas the can has a lot of cream and fat) at my local grocery store. It's in the healthfood section. Do not buy the Light version. You want all the fat you can get.  

As for coconut chips, I couldn't find them at our regular grocery store, so I drove to the one little Health Food store we have around here. They had them in the refrigerated section. If all else fails, you can probably ordered them online. 

I asked the butcher (at the grocery store) to please give me two pounds of ground round (his suggestion for jerky) and to please slice it very thin. He says he can give me two pounds, but he can't slice it with a slicer... regulations.  "But... you are a butcher?"  That makes no sense to me. Well, I tried. I'll have to think about this....

 What are you favorite dishes so far?


  1. I buy either flank steak or a london Broil roast for the jerky , its not hard to cut thin if you have a good knife. You might think you need to cut them super thin. You really don have to. Sometimes I even make mine a little thicker on purpose. They will just take on the longer side 4-6 hours until they are ready.

  2. My daughter makes a chart of what's available for lunch in categories 'protein' 'carb' and 'veg' and my gd is expected to make her own lunch. That way she has some guidance, but can still be independent. I think it also helps reinforce the idea that we chose well for ourselves- not just forced into it by a parent.

  3. Favorite thing is stir fry and stews. Anyone relatively handy in the kitchen can slip some pretty random veggies into either of those and make it work.

    All that I am asking my kids tonight is that they eat enough of what's on the stove so I'll have room in the fridge for the groceries we just bought. I'm going to have to do a bunch of chopping tonight like you mentioned...just to get them to FIT. Grateful that you guys got us on this kick.

    We are doing so much better at eating good food because you were willing to throw your hat over the fence. Appreciate it.

  4. The last time I made beef jerky I used beef heart($1.05/lb). It came frozen from the butcher, so I set it in the fridge for a couple of days. It was still frozen but not rock hard, when I sliced it up. With a sharp knife it was easy to slice it thin. It turned out great! There were no fatty or gristly bits like I normally have in my jerky.

    I did have to slice it while my wife was at work. The idea of slicing a heart made her a little squeamish, but she decided it was good. I already have 5 more pounds setting in the freezer for the next batch.