Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cheesecake is My Friend

 I heart cheesecake. I especially heart chocolate cheesecake, which is funny, because I've never cared for chocolate cheesecake before. Primal-approved choco cheesecake is ah-mazing. And it cured my constant craving for a dessert. Very happy about that. It was getting annoying.

 Okay, it's not pretty, but it would be if I had cared to enough to fix it. Also, that hole (near the bottom) was me sneaking a bite while it was freshly out of the oven and still hot.

 This is after being in the fridge for about... uh... eight hours. Keep it in for about 12, and it's not so runny.

The recipe called for a chocolate sauce, but I just topped with heavy whipped cream. Perfect.

So go and make this cake. And I don't want to hear how you don't like cheesecake. You do now.

                             !!Recipe for Primal-approved cheesecake!!

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