Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Drive Thrus

It has been crazy around here! My living room looks like a bomb exploded. My kitchen is empty, except for a few random items... a hammer, some tape, salt and pepper... our one frying pan, a spatula, and a cookie sheet.

The only thing we've made in the house this last week is bacon and eggs. Good thing we enjoy those two foods so much!

Kinda weird that in two days we will be in a brand new house. I was just telling Tom this seems surreal in a way. It has been 30 days since we first said "how would you feel about moving?" ... buying a house... selling the old house (closing next Friday) ... to packing and unpacking... and Friday we will have the furniture moved.

We have had to do drive thru food a few times. We've tried skipping fries, and eating around the bread, and adding extra vegetables. Then there was a day or two where we all said "whatever" and we ate it all. Just being honest.

Hope to check back in soon!

1 comment:

  1. We all know the craziness and time involved with moving, so it is understandable that it will be difficult to stick with things 100%. Do the best that you can and be sure to get right back to eating well once you get into your new home. I would say that the key food to avoid is wheat. Do whatever you can to avoid this particular grain and all will not be lost.