Friday, May 25, 2012

Some Moving Stuff

Yesterday was chaotic. We don't officially move until June 1st, but we thought we'd start moving rooms one at a time in hopes of it being a smoother transition.

Yesterday I moved (from the old house to the new house) the laundry/storage room, master closet/master bathroom and the KITCHEN. The kitchen needed 23 boxes. And that was *after* I had thrown out half my stuff.

I was only able to get through it thanks to my friends Karen and Cathy. One helped to pack me up, and the other helped to unpack it. Sooo... I now have 1 bowl, a plastic spoon, a casserole dish, and a frying pan. I do believe we will be very creative over here for the next week or so.

A teacher from the kids' school picked up three of the girls and took them for the day. She was a little apprehensive about feeding them so I found some quick and easy t hings for her to give them. I bought the nitrate free hotdogs, carrots, and grapes and threw it in a cooler bag. That seemed to work well.

For dinner Tom bought bbq and we ate it out of tupperware in the new house. hehe  Fun times. 

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