Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Where to Buy Butter?

A reader has asked about buying grassfed butter. Do any of you have any tips for him?

I buy my butter at the grocery store. I find the KerryGold brand in with the case of exotic cheeses. So don't go looking in the case with Land O'Lakes and Country Crock!


  1. For some odd reason, I can only find the salted variety of Kerrygold at my local big chain stores, but both Sprouts/Sunflower and Whole Foods have unsalted and salted in the regular butter section!

    I'm in Denver.

  2. kerrygold at Trader Joes! So yummy!!!

  3. I now get my Kerrygold from Costco; its way cheaper than Trader Joes.

  4. Trader Joe's organic butter is also grass fed, which is so cool.
    But Kerrygold is our favorite, yum!
    Also if necessary you can find some pastured cream and just use a processor or blender to make it into butter. Organic Valley has pasture raised cream on the shelves in many grocery stores, and bonus if you can find it merely PASTEURIZED instead of ULTRA pasteurized. Also, Whole Foods usually sells local pastured cream. (But I'd be surprised if they don't sell g/f butter too)
    You can tell it's grassfed by how yellow it is! A "regular" stick of Land O Lakes, etc, is so pasty white compared to a true grass fed brand.

  5. I get Kerrygold at 'Trader Joe's'. 'Whole Foods' typically carries grassfed butter/cheese from local farms (here in NE Ohio it is Hartzler). Walmart carries 'Organic Valley', but you must be careful, because 'Organic Valley' cows aren't 100% grassfed, but every spring they release a limited batch of 100% pastured butter (which is awesome, by the way). Also, local stores and co-ops almost always have Kerrygold or local fare. Of course, you can always go to farmer's markets. I picked up a 20 lb block of GF butter last year for like $40 at a farmer's market, not a single thing went without being smothered in butter from that point forth.

    1. I put kerry gold unsalted in my coffee and aerate using a hand thingy I got a Ikea for $3. Awesome.

  6. Also, let him know that Kerry Gold makes different kinds of cheese! Just in case he wants more good dairy.

  7. I live in Akron Ohio..can it be found anywhere near the 44311 zip code?