Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One pan dinner

Wow, so sorry postings have been sparse. We closed on the new house today. We are now trying to pack up sections of the house and slowly move it over to the new house. Only, with four kids running around this is very slow going. 

I made a one pan dinner last night. I have no time to wash dishes. So we had steak and vegetables. 

Step 1: melt butter
Step 2: add salt to steak, and add steak to pan.
Step 3: Cook steak until done. 
Step 4: Remove steak and let rest
Step 5: Throw in broccoli and carrots into same pan (do not drain the butter or meat drippings)
Step 6: Toss the vegetables in the "sauce" and allow to cook for 5-7 minutes. Or until tender. 


Delicious! And quick.


  1. That's pretty much my everyday dinner process (one pan). Except, I usually leave the meat in the pan when I cook the veggies, and cover to allow the juices to wander and mix.