Sunday, May 27, 2012

Not to Self: Bring home the frying pan

So it turns out the one skillet I had set aside to leave in the old house (for eggs and such) was packed away. And even though I was at the new house yesterday, twice, I forgot to bring it home. The poor kids are starving, and I don't really have a way to make breakfast. I did find a cookie sheet, so I can at least make bacon.  None of us care for eggs microwaved. Much too spongy. 

Amy (6) decided to eat some grapes, but apparently didn't wash them first, and now she is crying because Regina (8) told her she would get pinworms. Amy is sure she is dying of pinworms now. Big sisters are so helpful sometimes. 

I suppose it will be leftover (nitrate free) hotdogs. Yummy!

Also, we are over the 100,000 view mark! As soon as I am up and baking again, I will share the amazing turkey recipe!

Thanks everyone!

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  1. You can also cook eggs on that hot and greasy cookie shit. Finger-licking delicious!