Sunday, May 20, 2012


What a week!  It's been crazy preparing for a garage sale, holding the garage sale, loading items into cars, and trying to keep track of four kids while Tom is out on a speaking event. 

I''ve yet to make it to the grocery store. I'm this close :::hold thumb and pointer finger 1/2 inch apart:: to telling the kids we're going to be extra primal and eat leaves and grub.  Maybe then they'll appreciate the steak and cheese more. 

My mom was super generous and drove from Oklahoma up here, with four of my siblings in tow, to help out with the garage sale. The kids wanted things like doughnuts and chips and bread for sandwiches.. so I bought them. And my own family may or may not have snuck a few of these items. I'll take it to my grave though. 

I seriously need a detox though. I fully expect the kids to have some meltdowns in the next day or two. My mom and siblings left a few hours ago, so the kids and I will be eating a lot of salad and olive oil tonight. And that will probably be our diet for the next few days as well. 

I'm going to go make that salad now. . . right after I take a nap. 

Oh wait. I'm Mom. I don't get naps.

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