Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my birthday, hurray! And I did not stay Primal. 

I didn't eat breakfast since I rushed to get the kids to school. And then I had a chiropractor appointment. After this, I met Tom to pick up the baby, and then she and I went to the Mall and bought a new pair of sandals. 

Then we went to the movie store and rented Lord of the Rings so I could have something to watch while doing laundry. I tell you, we go wild and crazy on our birthdays here! 

 I decided I really wanted fried chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy. I didn't have time to make this, so I went to our local grocery store where they make these things fresh. Elizabeth and I shared the chicken and potatoes. It was really delicious! Not quite as good as when I make it myself, but it was a good second-best. 

So we did laundry, at lunch, and watched LotR (well, E watched Blue's Clue's in the other room) for most of the day. Oh, and I also had a real Coke (made with real sugar). Interestingly, it other than some bloating, it had no other noticeable ill-effects on me. Not that I would want to drink it regularly, but I'm glad it doesn't affect me the same way as Coke make with HFCS does. 

After the movie, we had to run some errands. After which, Tom took the kids home and fed them, while I went to the movies. I saw that new Mirror, Mirror movie. Really odd. I didn't eat any popcorn though since movie popcorn always makes me feel sick. Which makes me wonder: what do they put in it?

Then it was dinner time! So I met a couple of friends a new restaurant and we had some really great food. We shared an order of chicken nachos. They were so good, I want some more today! I miss tortilla chips the most since having GP, I think. Then I had a salad with ranch dressing. And a Ribeye with loaded mashed potatoes. We really went crazy and ordered waters all around! 

Everything was delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

On to my house where a friend brought Dunkin Donuts, fudge, and wine. As I ate my cream filled donut I was thinking "I wonder how horrible I will feel tomorrow?" but I ate every bite anyway. 

It was a very nice, relaxing birthday filled with lots of good-tasting food. Oh, and, a big rainbow!

Today I feel fine, really. I think I'm slightly dehydrated, but other than that I don't have any weird aches or pains, I don't feel like I'm about to die, or have no energy.  I am fairly bloated though... small price to pay once a year. 

Now I'll be spending the next week being super strict on GP, but it was fun while it lasted! 


  1. Wow, that food sounds yummy! Happy birthday! :)

  2. Happy birthday!

    Personally, I'm on a Paleo-Zone diet (a combination of using Paleolithic diet foods and Zone Diet portion sizes and distribution of meals throughout the day).

    Myself, I've found that it is best that to avoid "cheat days" completely, unless I really can't avoid them (such as traveling today in a bus from Vilnius to Warsaw (Poland), an 8 hour journey).

    "Cheat days" quickly bring back the old cravings for non-paleo foods, which can turn disastrous for trying to stay focused on the diet program.

    Try to stay focused :)


  3. Just so that you know, regular white potatoes are generally acceptable as a paleo/primal food. They just barely fall into the "safe starch" category, but are usually shunned due to their higher glycemic index. The skin is considered off limits, of course.

    For those who are sensitive to starches or are trying to lose weight, then obviously white potatoes aren't a good choice and sweet potatoes would be a better option (no potatoes being the best option).

    Yes, tortilla chips are a great loss. I'm glad that I don't live in SoCal anymore, because I don't know if I'd be able to handle seeing chips and salsa everywhere without eating them. However, what helps me to not indulge is the fact that almost all corn (upwards of 85%) in the US is genetically modified. I absolutely will not eat GMO foods.

  4. I'm stoked for you that you didn't have ill effects from your treats! :) yay!

  5. Awesome Bday menu! I also splurged recently and had a donut (my first in six months). No guilt and no ill side effects. The 80/20 rule RULES :-)