Friday, January 27, 2012

And Day 19 is Over

Hi again!

  We started off the morning with a three egg breakfast for each kid. Elizabeth refused eggs at first, so I gave them to me, and as soon as she saw I was eating them, she wanted it back, which means I had no breakfast today. Oh well. The kids were full! I put the eggs, once cooked, into a plastic cup and then added a big dollop of butter. They also had a clementine, which they love, so they were all set with breakfast. 

As a brunch meal, I made an egg scramble with the last two eggs we had left in the house. Two eggs, crumbled (1 piece) bacon, and maybe 1/4 ounce cheddar. Pour it all in, scramble it up, and enjoy. Really good, and easier to make than an omelet! Of course Elizabeth ate half of this as well... well, hopefully she'll start bulking up soon. 

Tom found some awesome recipes for waffles (using coconut flour) and I'm anxious to try them out. I think it will really help lift Veronica's spirits, she still can't stand the no-grains thing. So maybe we'll be trying those out tomorrow or Sunday! I hope it doesn't take longer to clean it up than it does to prepare it. I hate clean up. 

For lunch I made Tom a salad (we're running low on veggies now): Romaine lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, onions, some cheese, bacon, and steak cubes, all topped with avocado oil, olive oil, and lemon juice.

I had the same base, then: sunflower seeds, celery, no cheese, and shredded turkey. It was quite possibly the best salad I've made yet! Definitely try your salads with roasted turkey, it's a nice change of pace, and really light and delicious. 

Lunch boxes:
Breakfast: 3-eggs with Clementine
Lunch: Green salad, peppers, cucumbers, porkchop strips, with avocado and olive oils, and a dash of sea salt. 
Snack: cherries and nuts

They were hungry when the arrived home, but not ravenous, which is how I like it so that they'll eat dinner. 

Dinner!  Dinner was a hit all around tonight (finally!), so listen up, Cori, it might work for you :)

So I'm running a bit low on some ingredients, and still had some roasted turkey leftover from the other night. So we made Lettuce Turkey Wraps with a guacamole, string beans, and kale chips. 

First, make a quick guacamole: One  avocado, one tomato, lime juice, pepper. I put the peeled avocado into a bowl, diced the tomatoes--add to bowl, and then grind fresh pepper, and a few tsp of lime. Mash with a fork. 

Next, take a fresh, large Romaine lettuce leaf, lay flat. Spread 1-2 tbsp of guacamole on the leaf, then add a generous helping of shredded turkey, add a bit of olive oil (not too much), wrap, and secure with a toothpick. I thought it might be too simple, but everyone really enjoyed it. It will definitely be on our "to keep forever" list. 

I also made fresh green beans, sauteed in bacon grease, and garlic. I cook them until they are tender but still crunchy. It makes for a fun finger food, and I thought the kids would enjoy it. 

I also made Kale chips!  I took a head of kale, de-veined it, tossed it with bacon drippings, two crumbled pieces of bacon, paprika, and some Tabasco and baked at 350 degrees for 12 minutes. Everyone ate it, and Amy even said "Hey, I like those weird green things!" 

Friday night is typically movie night at our house, and we usually have popcorn... well, Tom and the kids do, I don't really care for it that much. Tonight we had to think of something different. I suggested vegetables, but the kids didn't want to go for that. So I handed over the bag of pork rinds, which two of the four kids enjoyed. I guess I'll have to keep searching for a movie snack.

Any ideas?


  1. Kale chips are an awesome movie snack---if you hadn't just had them for dinner!

  2. Some random suggestions;

    Cocoanut chips or google 'just the cheese' - they have popcorn and pizza puffed cheese

  3. I haven't tried them myself, mostly because I cannot find coconut chips, but people seem to swear by these and even say they taste a bit like popcorn and fill that popcorn craving. They are Caramelized Coconut Chips. Recipe from "The Clothes Make the Girl":