Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 20

Wow, the Three Week Challenge is almost over!

Tomorrow I'll give a whole run down of the pros and cons of the challenge. And I suppose we'll have to do a weigh-in (blah). So make sure you check in tomorrow!

I love weekends. It's so laid-back and the kids can eat whenever they feel hungry. They started off with a big breakfast of eggs and bacon. Still no luck on Greek yogurt. I am beginning to think I'll just not win them over to this. Darn. 

Then they had a snack, a few hours later, of berries (rasberries, blueberries, and blackberries) and a coconut cream dip. (Coconut cream from a can, cinnamon, and a splash of vanilla) They didn't care much for the dip, but I made them eat it anyway. 

Lunch was steak medallions wrapped in thin slices of bacon and baked for 15 minutes. Stick a toothpick in it and serve with mustard. Yum! 

Their snack was salad (greens, celery, cucumber, peppers) and a healthy serving of olive oil and lemon. 

They also had an apple with some cinnamon butter at some point in the after noon. 

Dinner was sliced beef and steamed broccoli.

They aren't drinking as much water as they should be, and I'm struggling to convey how important the water is for them. So my new rule is "one cup of water before you eat" anytime they ask for food. Hoping this helps. 

I had a light meal day for the most part.  I had a few nuts for breakfast. Lots of water. And three steak medallions in the afternoon. Not much after that since I've had Elizabeth be super-clingy the last few days, and it's made cooking difficult. I did have a ton of water though!  

Tom and I went to see a play at the Community Theater (a spoof of murder mysteries)  tonight. I thought I'd grab a snack while we were out, but the drive meant we didn't have time to stop. The ONLY thing sold at the theater was giant sized cookies. Of all sorts. YUM! 

I was so hungry by intermission I asked myself "If I take a cookie and eat it in a very uncivilized manner, would it be counted as being Primal?"  

Well, is it?

I wasn't sure, so I held out. Wasn't going to cave (get it?) on Day 20. And I didn't want to tell the blog-world I ate a stupid cookie. I mean, if I was going to cheat, I at least want something evil like Red Velvet Cheesecake!  Anyway... I did really well, until I saw Coke Floats which a few other people were eating. AHHHH!!

I didn't eat anything. At all. Be proud of me!  

After the play, Tom found a Chipotle for me, (it was our first time eating at a Chipotle) and we had fajita bowls: steak, peppers, onions, tomatoes, some cheese, and quacamole! It was soooo good. I think I am in love with Chipotle. 

Tom and I hit up the Kitchen Store while we were at the Mall today. I love the Kitchen Store. We finally found a dehydrator (beef jerky!) and a few other odds and ends. I am not a shopper, but I could spend the weekend in a kitchen store.  

Oh, and we found that Yo-Nanas thingy. It makes "ice cream" with frozen bananas. Veronica's birthday is on Wednesday and she has repeatedly asked for an ice-cream maker. I figure this new banana thing will be the best of both worlds. I hope. 

Alright, I have to get to bed. Check in tomorrow!


  1. My 11 year old loves the Yonanas he got for Christmas! The stuff actually tastes very good. He adds in dark chocolate which is very yummy. Make sure to keep a bowl of cut up bananas in the freezer so you are ready to go!

  2. Good job in resisting temptation. You wood have been So mad at yourself later if you had eaten the cookie. Self-discipline builds character. You're tough enough to do what you know is right and start a pattern of saying no to destructive eating habits.