Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Remembered Dinner!

 So, I remember what we had for dinner on Sunday night. Waffles!

Veronica has been so sad about no carbs, so Tom, being the wonderful father he is, searched the internet and found a Primal-friendly waffle recipe. It uses a lot of eggs and some coconut flour. So I tried it out. 

Coconut flour is very dense, so the waffle was also, very dense. It doesn't crisp up, but it's not soggy either. Basically, it's a thick bread-like substance that looks like a waffle. It had no flavor really (we used no sugar for the batter), so I made a waffle sandwich.

Cut the waffle in half. Top one half with honey goat cheese. Top with other half. Spread on some coconut butter (made from coconut cream and cinnamon), fairly thick if you can, and then drizzle with pure (not the fake stuff) maple syrup (maybe 2 tsp per person). Then top with fruit. I used blueberries. 

I am not a fan of goat cheese, blueberries, or weird waffles, so I abstained from the feast. The kids loved it! Tom said he could take it or leave it, I think....?

I thought I had taken some better photos, but I didn't. So there ya go.


  1. Just when I thought there was nothing worse than goat cheese...you mention, honey goat cheese. Yep, it gets worse.

  2. Try this coconut flour waffle recipe - the secret making them fluffy is whipping the egg whites and folding in.