Tuesday, January 10, 2012


 Today was rough.  I woke up with my head in a vice, and my stomach in knots. The Carb Flu (basically symptoms from toxins being released from within) had arrived.

 Headaches I can deal with, even with migraines I can force my way through the day. Nausea, however, I cannot tolerate. (Having had some serious issues during pregnancies; one of which was vomitting up to 30x a day some days, I freak out about nausea). In fact, I suffer panic attacks when I'm nauseous... there were tears and everything, people!

 After about three hours of this Carb Flu I thought "well, it's not worth this horrible, helpless, freaking out feeling. Maybe this isn't for me?"  But, then I realized something that amazed me. I knew I could "cure" myself by drinking a Coke (which is still hidden out in the garage), or eating a hunk of bread.. but I didn't want to do this. I mean, in theory I did want to drink a Coke, but my body was saying "Uhm, yeah, not gonna happen." I was really surprised. Could it be that after only 36 hours my body is already happier without carbs? 

 I decided I would stick it out, offer it up, and take a nap. Well, the nap did not happen, but I did take it pretty easy today... I chopped some some foods, steamed vegetables, and researched how to get rid of Evil Carb Flu. Around 2 pm I was able to force something down (not being able to eat or drink before): Celery sticks with cream cheese and cranberries. I magically felt much better. I think it was the fat in the cheese. I still have the headache. But anytime I started feeling nauseaous, I ate something with fat in it (almonds, cheese, steak) and it was much better soon after.

 So EAT FAT! It will be your friend.

 In other news.... The kids (except Amy) come home with empty lunch boxes again. Yay.

 Egg muffins were the breakfast.
 Pot roast with carrots for lunch. 
 And nuts with raisins were the snack.  
 They did come home a bit hungrier than yesterday, but I had a plate of fruit (apples, blueberries, strawberries and grapes) ready to go and served with a homemade dipping sauce. They don't care for Greek yogurt, so I knew I'd have to do something yummy with it: 
 1/2 cup full-fat Greek yogurt
 1/8 tsp Organic vanilla
 Fingertip of raw honey.
 Mix well. YUM!

 The only problem was I knew they wouldn't want just white goop, so I added ::gasp:: ten grains of red sugar.  It worked! They ate it all. So fat, fiber, calcium all in one! Try it, you will really enjoy it. But make sure the vanilla is organic, it makes all the difference!

 Dinner tonight was ribeye steaks (for Tom and me) and pot roast for the kids. I made a steamed/mashed cauliflower, added butter, marjoram, salt/pepper, and garlic to it. It really was tasty. And the kids ate it all up. So try it!

 I did notice that tonight (Day 2 of Primal) that everyone was saying by bedtime that they were hungry (even Tom and myself wanted a snack). I don't know if this is because the body is crying out for grains, or what, but a quick snack of sliced ham with a bit of cheese and mustard really worked well. 

 Health-wise, the kids seem a little tired. Tom is a slightly edgy. And I am past the panic attacks, but really achy.  Fun times. 


  1. WOW! You really do suffer with nausea. We are getting serious tomorrow. Got a ton of food today. Thanks for doing this blog. It's really helping to motivate me. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

  2. Good luck, Cori! I have found having friends (even if they're cyber) going through this has helped me a lot. We have a family doing it (started a week before we did) here in KS., she was able to help me keep in mind this horrible stuff does not last forever. Her words carried more weight given she had just gone through it. So definitely let's help each other :)

    1. Yes, it's nice discussing this stuff with someone who understands...and who's committed to having a great attitude in challenging times. :)

  3. Persevere. It will get better. The mental shift is the hardest part and it sounds like you are already transitioning.

  4. Is Amy not liking this? You mentioned her lunchbox.

  5. Thanks, Cathy :) I can already tell a difference in how I feel, so I already wouldn't want a Coke, or bread, or pizza... I'm actually surprised at how easy the mental part has been for me. For Tom and the kids, it's been a bit more difficult.

    Amy is Amy. She likes to call her own shots and on her own terms. So when I filled her lunch box with pot roast without potatoes, she decided the pot roast must be icky, and therefor refused to eat it. Didn't work though. I made her eat it for dinner. I win.

  6. I found that in the first 3-4 days I was hungrier and then I actually starting feeling like I would be less hungry, like not wanting to really eat at all at the end of a 12 hour day instead of my normal craving for fast food! It was weird the switch that happened....

    1. Same thing happened to me. After about a week i suuddenly realized i had no appetite at all. I had been eating no flour or sugar a couple of months before i read Wheat Belly book then found Paleo/primal so i avoided carb flu. I am in it to win it--good health and energy. I am 63 yr granny. Sorry picking this out on my new tablet compter.

  7. Good luck with the experiment. My wife is celiac and I'm the cook, so it's been a bit of a change over the past two years, first with preparing separate meals for her and later deciding on a gluten-free menu for us all (I have a 15 year old son). I think much of the concepts are similar, in that removing wheat, barley and rye from the diet removes much of the processed ingredients. But we do eat corn, rice, and potatoes, so my carb intake hasn't changed much. I'm curious as to how you'll do and feel. Over the past six months gluten free, I've gone from 156 lbs to 130 or so (I'm 5'6", and was more "puffy" than fat) without actively trying to lose weight even while I still cook with butter, eat bacon, and put cheese on everything. I think just paying attention to what you consume, reading labels and cooking from scratch is more than half the battle. You'll find what works (and doesn't) with your family. Anyway wish you luck and good health.

  8. Late evening snacks - ugh. The hardest habit to shake. Tea and nuts just isn't quite the same as a loaded plate of nachos or half a box of ice cream ;)