Monday, January 9, 2012

Day one is done!

 Well, today certainly has been different. Not bad, just ... different. 

 I started by packing the lunch boxes with: 
     Breakfast: Sliced apples with peanut butter/honey dip.
     Lunch: was either bologna wrapped around bacon and feta or cubed-cheddar with bacon on toothpicks, and a fresh vegetable. 
     Snack:  peanuts (or cashews) with raisins and cranberries. 
     Drink:  Water bottle.

 (A weird combo, I know, but I hadn't been to the grocery store yet, and had to work with what I had.)

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the girls enjoyed everything. And, I was not met with the usual chorus of "can we stop somewhere, I'm staaaarrrvvviiinnggg", which was really unexpected since I felt I sent them without enough food. So, I'm counting Operation Lunch Box as a success!

Tom was traveling all day, so not much to report on his day.

As for me... I started the day with a Three Egg Omelet, which consisted of three eggs, and some cheddar cheese. I ate this at 9:15am, and I did not feel hungry again until 2pm. Totally awesome. 

At 2, I made a salad with greens, bell pepper (red and yellow), celery, carrots, roasted chicken breast, a sprinkle of bacon, and about an ounce of cheese. I drizzled it with extra virgin olive oil and lemon. I loved it! And the best part? It was a fairly large salad and eating every bite of it did not leave me feeling tired and sad. I felt pretty good---not like bouncing off walls, or going on a cleaning spree, but I didn't feel lethargic (as I often do throughout the day). 

 For dinner I made a pot roast with onions and carrots. I'm not gonna lie: I missed the mashed potatoes. A lot.  But in the end, I felt good, I had energy and no bloated feeling. Score!

 The night was finished by my baking off 5 lbs of bacon (to be frozen and pulled out when needed) and these nifty little Egg Muffins (thanks, Kim!). I'll have to take a photo of them tomorrow, but they are super easy, really tasty, and can be frozen. I love it. 

 I've had about 80-90 ounces of water today. I am just now starting to feel the pressure headache calling out "give me caffeine!"  Not looking forward to soda withdrawal, but I'm glad I'm doing it. I am really hoping large quantities of water will help push the process along faster. 

 All in all, I am counting today as a successful day. No major meltdowns by anybody... I hope the same is true three days from now.  



  1. Good for you! I hoped you would enjoy the taste of victory at the end of the day and it sounds like you did. Now, on to day 2.

  2. We didn't do so well, but we got the morning egg thing down today. I want to make a point of starting the day off right with my hubby. That's going to be key for me. I got to stock up tomorrow and we will probably be in full-force by Wed. I like easing into things because I'm basically a wimp.

  3. Hi Heather! Good to hear that from you and Tom.

    Please be advised that Peanuts are legumes and not "nuts". About that, they are not allowed in the Primal Blueprint.

    Choose your nuts here :

  4. Why not have some mashed potato? Chuck in some cream and butter.

    Have a cup of coffee or green tea to wean yourself off soda.

    1. Sorry Matt, I disagree - don't give in to the mashed potatoes! Instead go for pureed cauliflower. Or if you are ok with a bit more carbs, go with pureed parsnips. My wife hates cauliflower, but totally loves it pureed. I do it plain sometimes, or with roast garlic, or with herbs. Its really versatile.

  5. Hello! Just popped over here from Mark's Weekend Link Love. Congratulations on your decision to go Primal. It is a life changer. I totally get the mashed potatoes. Try pureed steamed cauliflower - fresh or frozen. I use an immersion blender and add whole milk or sour cream, and a pinch of salt, pepper, and coriander. Divine!

  6. What Steve and Judith said!!!!

    Even the kids (8,5,3) ate their mashed cauliflower with sour cream, salt, pepper and a tiny bit of grated cheddar cheese melted on top. ~ Terry N.

  7. I usually add some rutabaga or turnips to mash up with butter instead of potatoes.