Saturday, January 7, 2012

This is for my grandmother!

  So this post is for my grandmother (hi, Mana!) who is unfamiliar with the Primal Blueprint.

  I don't have a lot of time to discuss all the good points, so I thought I would cheat and post a link: 

    Mark Sisson is the developer (if you will) of the Primal "diet" and runs the website, Mark's Daily Apple, which offers a wealth of information about the Primal Blueprint. Click this to get to his website!

   I have been asked a few times "how is Primal different than Atkins?" ... below is taken from Mark's website:

Atkins Diet

"...Weight loss success on the Atkins diet is well chronicled, but experts believe that the diet can lead to nutritional deficiencies, likely from inadequate fruit and vegetable intake and perhaps also from the indiscriminate intake and lack of quality distinction among protein and fat foods (including the license to enjoy fried foods and other offensive dietary choices)."

   Also, with Atkins you can still eat a lot of processed items, such as "low-carb wraps" and low-carb candies, and such. Primal really focuses on trying to get the processed food out of your life and filling your body with wholesome ingredients, many Primal eaters try to find foods that are organic, locally grown, without hormones, and grass-fed beef.

    If you have a more concise article, explanation, video that talks about the difference between the two ways of eating, post it in the comments!    

   Happy eating!

Oh, and Mana, the photo of the cuts of beef is *not* my photo. The food photos I was telling you about was of a salad, which has since been changed, and fruit (still in the right hand side of the blog).


  1. Hi Heather!

    I've enjoyed Tom's writings on history, economics, and politics for years through LVMI and his books via Amazon. Now that I've found your Primal blog, I'll come back often to read about your adventures.

    One of the things you are doing which I wish to do is converting your kids to the Primal program. Since my wife is not going Primal with me, that makes it a bit tough.

    To focus on the point of your post above, I have followed the Atkins program three times in the past and I did the related 4 Hour Body Slow Carb Diet throughout 2011.

    Starting in December of last year, I began the switch to the Primal Blueprint and have been going strong since Jan. 1.

    As part of my preparation for the switch, I did a series of posts comparing the Primal Blueprint with other low-carb plans, including Atkins.

    The main one is here Day 339 (M, 111205) — A Comparison of 4HB Slow Carb, Atkins, Paleo, and Primal Diets.

    A follow-up post compared the two directly: Day 347 (T, 111213) — Primal v. Atkins

    If you have any questions, let me know and I'll answer them as best I can.

    Work smart and work strong,

    New John

    We will either find a way . . . or make one. - Hannibal
    New John for a New Year, My Health and Fitness Blog

  2. This looks awesome, thanks so much, John! Congrats to you :)