Thursday, January 26, 2012


 I wanted to make sure that my kids are getting enough calories, so I decided to go to this really amazing site: and type many of the foods we've been eating and figuring out how much we are actually consuming.  

 Now I have to add up all the ingredients I put into each dish and see what it averages out to. It will be an exciting day, let me tell you!  I did find out (through my good friend Google) that children between the ages of 4-8 years old should be consuming 1400-1600 calories a day. That didn't seem like a lot until I saw that most good-for-you food is not that high in calories. You can literally eat anything you want and not really have to worry about eating too much. Nice!

So this week I'll be figuring out high (enough) meals for the kids and begin to add new items to our rotation. 

If you have any foods that are your favorites (and kids will be open to trying) please share it!

Here's the list:
  (all numbers are calorie units)

Eggs—72 each

Olive oil –119 tbsp


Sunflower seeds—35/ 2 tbsp

Pumpkin seeds—153 /ounce

Cashews---101 /ounce

Pistachios—158 per ounce

Tahini—89 / tbsp

Coconut oil---250/ 2tbsp

Bacon grease—254 per ounce

Clementine’s—35 each

Grapes---62 per cup

Apples—72 medium

Bananas—105 medium

Strawberries—77 per cup

Blueberries—83 per cup

Green beans—35 per cup

Celery—14 per cup

Onions—48-64, depending on color

Carrots—45 per cup

Greek Yogurt---260/ cup

Mango—107 per cup

Avocado—240 per cubed cup

Cheese (cheddar)---523 per diced cup

Mexican cheese—106 per ounce
Feta cheese--75 per ounce
Mozzarella -- 85 per ounce

Bell peppers—31 per medium pepper

Tomatoes—22 / medium

Butternut squash—63 per cubed cup

Spaghetti squash—31 per cubed cup

Acorn squash—56 per cubed cup

Sautéed mushrooms/onions/peppers—160 per side

Honey—70 per tbsp

Maple syrup—52 per tbsp

Shredded coconut--- 416 per cup

Coconut flour—120 per half cup

Chicken stock—10 per cup

Porkloin—154 per four ounces

Beef sirloin—285/5 oz

Turkey—88 /3 oz

Chicken—126/4 ounces

Bacon—27 calories per slice

Roast beef—83 /med slice
Ham --- 60 per 2 0z


  1. FatSecret is a great place for anyone trying to lose weight on any 'diet' - Atkins, Primal, 'your own diet'. I have been a member for almost 2 years and have lost quite a bit of weight with the support of other FS members - we call ourselves a family. Congrats on what you are doing, and on getting the kids on board - I'm sure it hasn't been easy but you are to be commended for your efforts. Good luck on your continuing journey.

  2. Saw this, thought of you:

  3. Here's another link for you, maybe there will be even more info in the comments.

  4. Hey

    Been eating Low Carb High fat diet for 6 months and feel really good. Lost some weight, my sweet toth is gone and food is not so "important" anymore.

    Keep it up and I like your blog.

    Here is a recipe I made the other day, Moussaka. Quick to make and tastes good.

    (Tried to find a good recipe in english but google let me down =( They all had to much "crap" in them)

    So here comes my translated version.
    Should be enough for 3-4 adults.

    Had to convert al the measurements but hopefully I didn´d screw anything up. =)

    2 eggplants, (17.5 Oz)
    Minced Meat, I use Lamb (14 Oz)
    1 Yellow onion
    Tomato Paste (1 fluid ounce)
    Cream (0,5 cups)
    Salt, peppar and oregano.

    For the "cover"

    2 eggs
    Mayonnaise (0.5 cups)
    Grated chees (something with a bit of flavour. (1-1.5 cups)

    Chop the onion and let it sweet in a pan with butter. Add the minced meat and fry. Add the tomato paste and flavor it, then add cream and stir untill its a good stew. Add water if it gets to dry.

    Cut the eggplant and fry it a bit on both sides with some oil/butter in a pan.
    Take the slices and cover the bottom in a ovenproof dish. Add the Minced meat stuff and spread it out eavenly.

    Stir the eggs then add the Mayonnaise and cheese. Spread it on top and then into the oven untill its gets a nice golden colour.

    Oven 225 degrees or 437 Fahrenheit.

    A bit tired so I hope my grammar and spelling doesn´t hurt your eyes to much. =)

    Take care and keep at it.