Thursday, January 5, 2012

Starting on Monday!

 So we were supposed to start on the 4th, but Tom has a trip this weekend so we've pushed it to the 9th.

We are very excited, but a little apprehensive... change is never that much fun for me, but add kids to the mix, and watch out!

 For those of you who have already started the diet: What are your three TOP tips for beginners to look for in the first week of the Primal Blueprint?


  1. Eggs and bacon are the perfect start in the morning.

    Mexican food is very friendly to primal eaters. A plate of peppers, vegetables, and meat with some salsa and maybe cheese poured all over is great!

    If you aren't a die hard primal but still want to avoid carbs and bread, KFC's grilled chicken is a nice choice. High in protein, too.

    Of course, going out for a huge ribeye steak is my favorite part of eating primal. People stare when you order a small sirloin for dessert :)

    Don't forget your veggies either! A stir-fry of chicken and broccoli is a winner.

    Mark Sission recommends berries of all kinds and apples so far as fruit goes.

  2. When it comes to kids, always remember the 80/20 principle :)

  3. I'm already going nuts with bok choy and other veggies in the wok...with chicken or whatever's in the fridge. I'm surprised how many of these thrown together meals the kids are more than happy with...but they still beg for a sandwich (because of the bread). Momma's problem will definitely be with sugar and pastry. God help me with pastry. It's like an addiction...or rather it IS an addiction. Dad will eat anything in front of him so he doesn't care.

  4. I agree on the 80/20 principle. As I told you Heather, we still do a sandwich at lunch for the kids,but do primal at breakfast and dinner.

    Make sure to have a meal plan so you're not tempted to quit early on.

    One meal at a time....that's been my mantra to get through this week.


    Basically DON'T do it the way you guys are doing it. This applies to any diet plan, you will just drive yourselves nuts then go right back to how, you were. Jumping in whole hog on day one probably isn't going to end well, and reading forward a little as you get into it, it seems to be playing out in this fashion.

    Allow yourself and the kids to have something they like from time to time. A sandwich, a burger, whatever. It will make it easier in the long run. A good thing about this is, as you get used to replacing your carbs with animal fat, you will start to crave burgers fries and coke even less.

    80/20 is a a good thing to remember. I try to follow this plan as much as possible.
    You will get 80% of the benefit from doing the first four items on the list.

  6. Here are some tips that I can offer:
    1. Make a grocery list of all the primal foods available in your area. That way when you're in the grocery store, you won't be tempted by the ***cookies*** because you'll be too busy trying to find the ***where the heck is the red wine vinegar*** strange and wonderful items that you're about to introduce your palette to!
    2. Read the success stories on Mark's Daily Apple whenever you feel discouraged, or feel like eating a whole box of Haagen Dasz! Man, those stories are awesome.
    3. Don't let the kids derail you!!!!! They will try their darndest, and they're just so cute when they come crying for bread with their puppy dog eyes. Remember - the whole family has to be on-board! They'll thank us some-day! (Right??!)
    Terry N.