Friday, January 13, 2012

Traveling the First Week of Going Primal...


Don't do it. I don't care how much you need to get away. Go before (or after) the first three weeks of going Primal.

I had no clue what to pack for dinner for me and the kids today. We had a 4.5 hour (closer to 5 hr) drive ahead of us, and knew we couldn't stop for dinner between Kansas and Oklahoma (why? because nothing other than McDonald's exist on the road I travel), so what to pack?  Couldn't be anything that needed heating up, or that would spoil, or we be messy. . . yikes. 

Oh, and did I mention that, as usual, nothing went as planned today, so I didn't have time to go to the grocery store and stock up on easy things?  No?  Well, there you have it.

I ended up packing: Sunflower nuts, raisins, cranberries, grapes, cheese sticks, leftover ham slices, fresh vegetable medley, and water. 

The kids were happy enough to munch on these things for a while. Close to two hours later they said they didn't really feel as if they had eaten dinner. Well, neither did I. Though, we weren't really hungry, it was just the idea that dinner was just snacking on various items, rather than sitting down to a hot meal. Then as we stopped for a bathroom break (a car full of girls, what do you expect?) I thought I'd search for a Primal friendly snack in the store. All we could find was beef jerky (only one brand didn't have a bunch of weird stuff in it) and pork rinds. Oh, how I cringed at the thought of feeding my kids pork rinds. I did it though. Primal approved, and nothing other than salt and rinds in it. Mmmm! 

Once the jerky and the rinds were opened in the van... I about threw up. The smell (of both products) is horrid. Why would people buy these things?! Make it yourself if you really want it!

Anyway, walking through the store we all realized how much we willingly we would take the cashier hostage if it meant we could have a doughnut, a bag of cheetos, or chocolate milk. Not stuff we had that often before, but who cares?! Sounded good now. And I had a headache again. Actually, it's the same headache from Monday. I tried to reason with Myself that having a Coke would be good for my head and make the drive less miserable. But Myself was being it's usual stubborn self, and told me to jump in a lake.

So we pulled into town a bit after 8pm. We're all starving. What can we eat?  Lo and behold, there is a KFC right there with grilled chicken!  Okay, not really Primal primal since it isn't organic and all that, but we were all starving and no means of cooking, so it's the best I could do.  

The KFC girl says "Oh, a bucket of grilled chicken. Anything else, like chocolate cake?"  I about threw my show at the speaker. I wanted to scream "of course I want cake! I just drove five hours with four kids, one of whom screamed for most of it!" but here came Myself again, warning me to be nice, so I politely said "No, thank you."

We were able to visit my some of my family for a bit, until Elizabeth decided she had had enough. 

Now all the girls are passed out in various places in the hotel room.

And I'm hungry.


  1. I wondered if you were going to come to that conclusion, because it's hard enough to travel and eat well...but primal? Yikes.

    Glad you found the KFC though! I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip :)

  2. My folks live about that far away from us...and we're in the same state.

    Yes, road trips ALONE with kids can be a beast. God bless you all. Glad you made it there in one piece. You are a very dedicated mommy. :)

  3. Eating on the road is so hard! Careful with the KFC - the grilled chicken is marinated in sugar. :-( I made the same mistake when I first went low carb and it sent me spiraling down.

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  5. It depends on how green you want your paleo diet to be. I eat primal because I want to lose body fat. I lost 30 lbs by devouring KFC's grilled chicken at least twice a week. I don't care if my chickens are raised by robots or if NIKE picks my oranges.

  6. The problem with fast food burgers is that the bun provides all the flavor. I don't suggest ordering a Big Mac and taking off the bun...It's gross...

  7. This gets way easier once you are primal for awhile. The results (feeling better, looking better, med stats improving, etc.) are motivating and you also lose your appetite for grains and sugars. Fast food and society's love affair with pastries and buns becomes more of an irritant than an impediment.

  8. A favorite late night snack for me is some high quality salami or prosciutto, a large chunk of triple cream Brie, a handful of cherry tomatoes, all smothered in super high quality extra virgin olive oil. I think for traveling, salami would be a good addition to the snack bag. It sounds like a tough time so far! I hope there is a grocery near the hotel that carries some good food.

  9. Hilarious! I can just picture it.

    Here's something that works well for us (we travel a lot): we have a small cooler that can be plugged into the lighter socket in the van. It makes road trips SO much easier.

    Some other ideas for on the road snacks:
    Pepperettes (sp?)
    Even convenience stores and gas bars have nuts and cheese sticks, usually. Sometimes even plain yoghurt.
    We carry a small bottle of liquid stevia with us in the truck, to add to tea, yoghurt, etc.

    Keep it up! Don't let a road-trip derail you.

  10. I have to agree that salami is the best for snacking and for the kids I use cucumber slices instead of crackers and we make little "sandwiches" of salami & cheese with a cucumber slice on each end and some us add a dab of mustard.

    Another great kid snack on the road is a large plastic container of hummus with veggies available at most grocery stores and then I usually stop at a grocery store or Walmart for dinner as well and pick up a couple of rotisserie chickens with a bagged salad on the side and bag of fruit.

    Best of luck!