Monday, January 30, 2012

We did it!

We finished the 21 Day Challenge! No cheating either. Yes, we're awesome, thank you very much. ;)

I don't know if I even remember yesterday. Let's see....

Oh, it was Sunday. In the morning (before Mass) I made the girls some coconut smoothies. I am still waiting on my Ninja blender... I wish it would hurry, it takes 20 minutes to make these things, rather than five like it should.

I made eggs for me, but accidentally left them at home. I pretty much had no breakfast. Though, I did find some nuts in my purse, so that was something. 

All of us had Chipotle for lunch. It's sort of a tradition that we go out for lunch after Mass on Sundays. However, I was home with the baby (I got Chipotle take out), and Tom was out with the girls. I don't know exactly what they ordered, but I am *in love* with the Fajita Bowl (minus rice, beans, tortilla). It is so good, and it fills me up for hours! It's definitely worth the extra $1.80 for the guacamole. Besides, they basically give you an entire avocado's worth, not a small dallop. So good. Go try it! All the ingredients are organic and made from happy animals. 

I don't remember what we did for dinner.  Elizabeth has been sick the last few days, and I've been going to bed way too late, so hmmm... sorry, I just can't remember. Maybe Tom could tell me, but he's in Las Vegas right now giving a speech. 

Tom says we should do a "wrap-up" on Day 22 when all is said and done. So go to the next post!

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