Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just Keep Swimming

Alright, day four is over and done with! Whew.

So Tom made a caprese salad for his breakfast.  It was pretty, pretty!  

 I had eggs and bacon. And then ran errands all day.  My headaches are a bit worse today, but nothing more than an annoyance.  Oh, and in addition to feeling more tired and achy today, my face broke out everywhere. Lovely. 

The girls felt great this morning! Other than being more tired than usual, they seem to be coping very well. I hope that is the extent of their detox issues. Though, I wonder if Carb Flu tends to go in cycles... anybody know?

 Lunch Boxes:
                 Breakfast: Peanut butter/Sun butter and honey with fruit.
                 Lunch: Ham slices (with cheese for Amy) and fresh vegetables.
                 Snack:  Oooops, forgot the snack! 

They seemed to like it okay. But they were more hungry when I picked them up from school, so maybe not enough (good) fats? And, forgetting the snack didn't help. :/

 Today, Tom felt better than yesterday, but didn't look like he felt wonderful. And he's constantly hungry. He really wants some pizza. He's being brave though and pushing through. . . which is good, because this was his idea! 

I've also found I have a pretty sore jaw. My muscles seem really rigid... kinda weird. Maybe it's in response to the pain of the headaches and achy everything else. Fun times!

We tried out spaghetti squash for the first time tonight. I've been told it's a great substitute for pasta. I really hoped not, seeing as I hate pasta. I thought the kids would be happy to have a "pasta" dish, though, so we tried it.

It takes just a bit of getting used to, but I thought it turned out well. I prefer it to pasta, really. 

So I roasted the Spaghetti Squash in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes (probably needs about 40ish minutes). Scoop the contents into a bowl and added olive oil. Then I simmered tomatoes, basil, garlic, and olive oil as a sauce. Fried up some polish sausage (not primal approved, but bought from a week ago), and added some black olives.  Spoon the meat and sauce over the squash. Serve. 

It was actually decent! The kids enjoyed it (Tom, not so much)... and I didn't have to cringe every time they asked for "more pasta!"

So everything has gone about as well as possible today. Though, Tom has said several times that he just doesn't like going Primal so far. And, by 7pm, I suddenly just felt too tired to do anything, and put kids in bed (rather, I had Tom do it. hehe) early. I'm really hoping it gets easier for poor Tom. 

 The girls and I are headed to Oklahoma tomorrow. We're going to visit my grandparents for a few days. I had forgotten that we'd be in the first week of the new routine when I made the plans. D'oh. But I figure we have to know how to eat while traveling anyway, so heck, why not go now? 

 Um, do say a prayer for us ;)


  1. Poor Tom. Maybe more steak? I know that makes me feel better. Have a good trip to Oklahoma!

  2. How about cooking up some extra bacon for him to snack on if he feels tempted while you're away? A bowl of walnuts or almonds plainly visible works for me too.

  3. Carb flu does go in cycles, and the headaches are annoying. Drinking plenty of water, and cooking with or eating coconut oil will help.

    It really does take time to detox. Breakouts are usually the body's way of detoxing.

    Hang in there. Nobody likes cutting out grains and sugar for the first three weeks. :-) But after that, the difference is really amazing.

    Make sure to eat enough food during mealtime. Sounds funny, but many people don't eat enough when they go Primal, because they've upped their fat and protein and they get full pretty quickly.

    A snack that is high in fruit sugars, but is Primal-ish and could be used when nothing else is available: Larabars. They are made with dates, nuts and other dried fruits. They are very sweet, and I always try to eat only 1/2 a bar at a time when I am traveling. Other good snacks are: macadamia nuts and almonds,

  4. Hey Heather, Matt M here.

    Thanks for responding to my email! It was fantastic.

    I want to highly recommend supplementing your diet with Fish Oil. Fish Oil is highly recognized by even non-Paleo/Primal types as excellent for your health. One of the main goals of Paleo/Primal is to balance your Omega-3's with the Omega-6's in your brain. Egg yoke and Fish Oil Contain an EXCELLENT amount of Omega-3's and also contain the vitally important ADA and EPA that your brain(s) need to function properly.

    I didn't start using fish oil until almost a month into the diet, but it helps tame cravings and helps you get through the dark-parts of the diet better than anything else.

    Also, please let Dr. Woods know that fruit can be eaten as a snack. (At least it helped me.) I highly suggest purchasing individual packets of raisins. These are a quick snack--not nearly as filling as, say, a WHOLE apple. Nor are raisins as sugary as bananas.

    Hope that helps! Will pray for all of you!

    P.S. Fish Oil can be easily found in most health-food stores or ordered online. MAKE SURE it has been refrigerated and hasn't expired. (I want to highly recommend Barlean's Fish Oil. Try and get the "citrus" flavor--it helps mask the taste!)

  5. Matt, Someone posted a couple of days ago, this link..which I just watched. I'm amazed and disheartened at the same time having not gotten to my dad in time with his Alzheimer's...but, fish oil is a biggie for the brain. We've used it for the boys' in homeschooling because of their problems concentrating, but hadn't thought about it for my dad. We use an Omega 3-6-9 from a dollar store and it's amazing the difference in our kids. Anyway, here's the link that was previously posted.

  6. Two things I have found to be helpful with the kids that have stood the test of time. When cooking meals that have 'mixed ingredients', I always try to keep a portion of everything separate, as my kids always seem to be able to eat every item on its own, but don't always like it mixed together. I also put out the veggies first while they are starving, then the fruits and last the food they are most likely to eat. Also, we do a do a 'rainbow challenge', where we challenge ourselves to eat as many of the colors in the rainbow as possible during the day. I often will say, 'oh, I just got my green for today. now I have red, yellow and green!' and they will then want to eat some too so they can get their green as well. Or if they insist they don't like somethin I will say,'just take one bite and you will have your 'red' for today!' and it motivates them to try it. We even have talked about graphing/ charting this, but have not done that just yet. They know what food counts for our rainbow and it works really well for us!