Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 15

 Well, I feel like I can start to relax a bit. Really, no matter how much people say "it's no big deal. It's easy!"  It's not. Anytime you have a major change in your routine, it's a bit stressful. However, it is extremely rewarding. So do it! 

The kids woke up today all crying, saying they were light headed, and they just didn't feel right. So I panicked, wondered what I had done to my dear children, and then... I fed them a banana and told them to get dressed. They ate the banana, and ten minutes later, they were smiling and bouncing off the walls. I think it's too much on them to cut out fruit. They're kids. They can take it. And they need it. I want to focus more on them eating real foods, rather than just filler snacks. Although, I don't want them to have as much as they had been having. 

I woke up early (blah!) today so I could take the new blender out of the box and get it ready to make coconut smoothies for the girls' breakfast. The stupid thing was not able to crunch through six straberries and mango pieces. Piece of junk. So back to the drawing board on which blender to buy.

Any suggestions?

I bought each girl a special "sweat free" cup with straw that we will use for smoothies. They were very excited. Kids are so cute sometimes. Anyway... they drank the smoothie (I really hate the word "smoothie" by the way) and seemed satisfied. It had lots of fat, protein, and lots of vitamins/minerals. And they *loved* it. 

Lunch was a salad (I bought special "salad on the go" containers which hold dry salad, and a separate container for dressing): Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, bell peppers, a few carrots, sunflower seeds, bits of ham, and a pinch of cheese (for Amy). The dressing was one part lemon juice and two parts olive oil. 

For snack I gave the a two ounce serving of homemade trail mix. 

I volunteer during lunch time at the kids' school on Mondays, so I was able to keep an eye on how much they ate, and if they liked it.  Amy and Regina loved it all. Veronica says she tired of salad. I laughed saying this was only the third (traditional) salad she's had over the last two weeks. Apparently, she's still angry. Oh well. Her salad cup was empty by the time she walked in the door to the house. Nice. 

Annnnnd, there was no "we're just so starving!!!"   FINALLY!  Thanks to all who helped with high-fat ideas, and limited fruits during the day suggestions. :) 

Dinner was a Taco Salad.  Ground chuck, tomatoes, guacamole, lettuce, greek yogurt, and about a half ounce of cheese (Feta for the allergy kids). All of them had seconds, and Veronica had thirds! I'm not much of a fan of ground beef, but it was good enough. We needed some salsa with it though. I bought some pork rinds, thinking the kids could use it as a chip/dip type deal. Veronica is the only one who liked them. Ahhh, trial and error is the name of the game lately.

Anyway, before bed they asked for a snack, which was about an ounce of trail mix. They seemed happy going off to bed. 

Veronica seemed (other than the salad thing) much better today. I'm hoping it's the increase in fats and it will continue to get better. 

Tom has exactly 24 hours to get me his update, or I shall start revealing one secret after another until I do get the update.  

My headaches have been mostly gone. I find they come back if I go too long without eating though. So I definitely don't starve myself. And I do need to work in some form of exercise. I'm still trying to work out something that compliments our family schedule. So far I run from 7am til about 9pm and I am not exercising at night. Anyway... we'll see what happens on that. 

Oh, my blood pressure has dropped TEN points. BP issues run in my family from the time we're young (18 or so) and kinda just hang around. I'm excited about this and I hope it continues to decrease. 

Anyway, I'm beat. I was up doing housework until about 1am and then have to get up six hours later. Ew. 

Thanks for joining us this far!


  1. Heather,
    Two ideas for you. I make ranch dip and a taco type dip using full fat greek yogurt from Trader Joes (16 oz).

    For Ranch, mix two tablespoons of Penzeys buttermilk ranch dressing mix. For taco "sour cream" add 1 tablespoon salsa seasoning mix from Penzys.

    You can thin them out if you want but we like them thick and creamy. We use these on vegis and other things.

    If you don't have a Penzeys close by, you can get their spices online. So yummy.

    I hope this helps add some variety to your life.
    xo Jana

  2. I saw a recipe tonight and thought of your family. I have no idea how it tastes but it sure looks intriguing! Here is the link for it.

    Congrats on your progress so far!


  3. I find that my kids can process more carbs than me so they get to eat potatoes and rice. I also feed them oranges, apples and bananas regularly. They eat 3 meals a day and if they need to snack they get plain yoghurt, almonds or fruit.

  4. We have an Oster 2-Speed blender that we bought from Target several years ago ($60?) that is LOUD but very powerful (as in: we fill the blender over halfway w/ ice, and it doesn't flinch). Here is the link to the blender on (it is an internet-only item):

  5. My kitchenaid blender (a wedding present)is great. 10 years, almost, and still going strong. I hate the word "smoothies" too. :)

  6. I am so glad you are having such success with the primal diet! I practice and blog about Weston A. Price diets and I have ten children and I am Traditional Mass Catholic living in Denver. I think we have a lot in common. It is so great to get to sort of but not quite meet you!

  7. By the way, I linked to your blog on my Facebook page, my fan FB and the FB group I started, which you are officially invited to join! Anyway, you can see the mentions here: an at the group here:

  8. Great update!
    1. We have a kitchenaid blender and it rocks.
    2. My BP has also decreased 10 points. It was always around 135/85, and is now 125/75. Very great result!!

    So glad that Veronica (and the others) are adapting along with you.

    Tell Tom that I'm gonna stop sharing his Youtubes if he doesn't fess up rather quick. ;)

  9. We have a VitaMix blender that is amazing. It's the same as is used in smoothie shops and has no trouble blending frozen fruit or ice cubes. It's pricey, but worth every penny.

  10. Here's an "oatmeal minus the oats" recipe:
    and a gluten free pancake recipe:
    I make a similar one with oat bran.
    Finally, I've been making a breakfast cookie:
    I add 2 extra egg whites, 2 T oat bran and a packet of splenda so I don't need any syrup.
    Just ideas for when you decide to add some grains back.

  11. Invest in a Vitamix blender! We make our morning smoothies in it but we've also made hot soup in it, too. It's the best kitchen product we've ever bought!