Sunday, January 22, 2012

Food Photos! (day 14)

Hm. thought I had more than just the lunch photos. Oh well. Here you go anyway. Tell me it's not a pretty lunch!

Bacon/brussel sprouts/bacon salad!

 Veronica says she is too hungry to wait.

The girls being Primal.
The uneven bacon coverage is bothering me


  1. Hahaha! Wild animals! The bacon looks right in this picture from a design standpoint. You have to have a primary focal point...and I'm VERY MUCH focusing on that juicy, crispy bacon! Good work on the pics. My kids think your kids are hilarious.

  2. Hi Heather,

    I am new to Primal Blueprint myself, and have been reading Mark’s Daily Apple recently, and followed the link to your blog. I have enjoyed your family adventures. My husband and I started eating primally about ten days ago. My husband has three children (adults now) and I have never had kids of my own, so I have minimal experience with what kids like. I guess my only qualification to make suggestions is that I was a kid once!

    My mother seldom gave me after school snacks. She told me I had to wait or I would “spoil my dinner.” Sometimes a glass of water (perhaps with a little fruit juice for flavor) takes the edge off when you’re hungry. I have read that many people think they’re hungry when the problem is that they don’t drink enough, and their body is craving liquids. So, I’m not saying you should starve your kids, but it’s good discipline for sensible eating habits later in life to occasionally go hungry for an hour or two.

    I’m trying to remember the items you said you packed for lunches, plus the suggestions others have already offered. Did anyone suggest sending a little container of homemade tuna salad, chicken salad, or egg salad? You don’t need bread to enjoy those, just a fork! You can make your own primal mayo, or use full fat Greek yogurt, even stir in a little avocado. Add to the mix a bit of finely chopped onions/celery or any other veggies the kids like, and you have something meaty with some healthy fats.

    I am trying the cauliflower crust pizza receipe tonight for dinner. I decided to tinker with the crust. I haven’t finished the pizza yet but the crust is out of the oven and I tried a sliver before putting on the rest of the ingredients. It tastes very good, and now the real test will be whether it gets soggy once I put on the sauce and other ingredients.

    Instead of putting mozzarella in the crust I deleted that and added ½ c. almond flour, ½ c. organic ricotta cheese, and 4 tablespoons of tahini (sesame seed paste). The tahini had the desired effect of giving the crust a meaty/nutty flavor. The texture of the crust turned out soft but firm and biscuit-like so I’m hoping it doesn’t get mushy when I add the sauce and cheese and broil the pizza later. Actually, I think this "crust" would be pretty good just baked as little biscuits and eaten without toppings.

    It’s probably tough getting through this adjustment with kids. Even my husband who volunteered to try this with me for at least a month gets a little tempted to go off the wagon and have a piece of “real pizza” or eat a piece of mass-market sugary chocolate candy etc. (I bought him some 85% dark chocolate at Aldi’s for cheap!) In the end, I think your kids will thank you for what you are doing, and once they get used to a different way of eating and find lots of new foods they totally enjoy, they won’t miss the bad foods they used to eat.