Friday, January 6, 2012

Menu making

 The Primal Blueprint is not just about the food. It's also about decent exercise (but nothing crazy or time consuming!), and sleeping, and other fun things. Here's a great book to read on this and why it's a good thing.

  Anyway, focusing on the food part for now: It's basically taking out grains and sugars out of your everyday diet. So a lot of protein, butter, eggs, cheese, vegetables, and some fruits and nuts. Personally, I'm fine with a "diet" that allows me to eat butter, eggs, cheese (and BACON!) without a guilt trip. 

  I've cleared out the fridge and pantry of anything that is not Primal friendly, and both areas are pretty much bare, which is oddly freeing. I will no longer stare at the pantry thinking "I have all this stuff and nothing to make!" and then feeling guilty because I'm, in a sense, wasting that food. Yay for minimal ingredients!

  This weekend will be spent making up a new-way-of-eating meal menu for the week, and shopping, then cooking, washing, chopping, freezing, and clean-up. We bought a chest freezer so we could pre-bake a lot of foods and then just warm them as needed. I'm hoping this really helps with the "UGH, what should I make for dinner tonight?!" and also, I really look forward to less clean-up after dinner, which seems to take forever to do, and never quiet gets done. 

   If you have a standard shopping list you use for your Primal shopping trip, please share! 


  1. The basic premise for me is "shop the perimeter." I just walk around the outside of the grocery store and buy whatever's on sale. One of the best things about a primal diet is that "meat and veggies" means pretty much any combo of the two will go together. :) So no more need for true "menu" planning where I have to think of what meal we'll have each night. i try to go more with themes of flavors (italian, mexican, indian) and then I can choose what specifically to make that day. I do one or two Mexican flavor every week so I always keep cilantro on hand, as well as copious amounts of cumin and chili powder. :)

  2. Cumin does rock. Since we're in Texas, we do the Tex-Mex thing a lot...and everyone is always satisfied. But, eliminating corn is going to make some people cry. Waaaa!

  3. Great points, Sarah! I guess I'll have to become more familiar with ethnic food flavors now. Hmmm...yikes. lol