Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Still Haven't Cheated

 Not much to report today.  I spent all day (from about 9:30am until 10:00pm) cooking foods. 

Turkey, pork loin, bacon, short ribs, egg muffins, chicken breast, and spaghetti squash. I was supposed to make butternut squash soup, but since I do have kids to take care of (and Tom is out of town), I couldn't get to it. 

The kids ate all of the pork loin at dinner. I served it on top of spaghetti squash and topped it with a tomato basil sauce. Yummmm

I am making Veronica's (primal) birthday cake tomorrow. I have no clue how it will turn out. I really hope it's edible. If not, she may just have to go to the cupcake store and get a mound of sugar. 

Okay, have laundry to do ... my house has not really been cleaned or organized since we started GP. I have a lot to do. : O

Good night!


  1. Hey Heather, didn't I send you the recipe for primal brownies? That might be an option (or complement) to the cake...

  2. You did, thanks! I am definitely planning on making these for dessert night (once a week) now that we're past the three weeks intro. Veronica has been talking about her strawberry chocolate cake (has to be pink cake with chocolate icing) for six months now, so I figured I was stuck with it. lol

  3. Sometimes there is no easy substitute. Julian Smart Carb #2 (http://www.julianbakery.com) can be the basis for a cake. I suggested them a while ago. You already are stretching primal to include a lot of borderline things. Egg MUFFINS? Even if you and Tom don't eat any it might be better than the other things you are feeding your children. It has some grains, but minimal and they are organic, sprouted, and otherwise good grains and low carb. You can drench it in butter and (for sandwiches, though I would use #1) use mayo and stack meats, eggs, and veggies. It is high protein and high fiber - very filling. The cinnamon in #2 makes it seem sweeter than it is. All I can say is to order a half dozen in a variety (cheaper shipping with 6) and see how it works out. You can find the ingredients and nutritional info at their website.

  4. Thanks for the link! I'm not sure what we're stretching, everything we've made has had Primal approved ingredients. Egg muffins are simply eggs, bacon, and salt/pepper, mixed together and poured into a muffin tin, and come out looking like muffins.

    As I've said before kids bodies are different than adults. They can handle fruit and things that are real foods. Growing children need more calories and energy than do adults. Honey is rich in antioxidants and does not spike the blood sugar, so there is no real harm in kids having this (in moderation.)

    Thanks again for the link!