Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 16 and Still Kickin'

 Well another day successfully down!

I spent four or five hours in the kitchen today. I did a lot of chopping, bagging, and labeling...  but now my fridge is wonderful rainbow of colors!  I thought about taking a photo... so I did... but now I'm too tired to go into the kitchen and find the camera to upload it here.  It's pretty though! I keep opening the door just to look at it. 

Okay, moving on.... 

Let's see, what did we do today (other than chop vegetables)?  Not much, really.  

Let's start with Lunch Boxes:

Breakfast: 4oz Greek yogurt with 1/2 tsp raw honey, and 1 tbsp coconut oil, and a handful of blueberries. 
Lunch:  Salad (greens, peppers, carrots, celery, cucumbers) with strips of steak (cooked the night before). Salad dressing was the lemon juice and olive oil. 
Snack: Trail mix 

Okay, they *hated* the breakast. They will eat Greek yogurt perfectly well if they think it's sour cream, but they refuse to eat it otherwise.  :::sigh:::  Breakfasts are so annoying when you have to rush out the door. 

They were hungry when they came home from school. I thought that was odd, but figured out because they "just didn't have enough time to finish our salad."  Gah

 I had a fruit tray waiting for them as an after-school snack (apples, blue/ras/black berries, and leftover cantalope). I wanted some fat to go with it, but I knew yogurt was out as a base. So I thought and thought and came up with this: Coconut Cinnamon Butter Dip.  They absolutely loved it. 


2 sticks butter (organic of course)
2 tbsp coconut oil
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/8 tsp ground cloves
a smidge of honey, but not too much

Put all ingredients into a glass bowl. You can either microwave or steam the bowl until it's all melted. Stir together well. Then stick in the fridge until it starts to set (but not too much)...stir and serve. 

It was very buttery, but the cinnamon and cloves gave it a nice warmth and hints of sweetness. Try it! Lots of good fats, good brain food, and it really helps curb hunger. 

Dinner was mashed cauliflower (steamed with garlic, mash with butter, a bit of salt and pepper) and pork medallions (which was leftovers from lunch the other day). And a side of orange bell peppers. 

They didn't care for the cauliflower this time around, but too bad, they had to eat it. 

Then they wanted pistachios. Is there anything wrong with pistachios? Probably, since it's one of the few foods everybody likes and nobody is allergic to.  I gave them a few each and told them no more food until they drank a lot of water. 

My (ex)doctor a few years back told me that children (and often-time adults) confuse the feeling of thirst for hunger. I have really found this to be true. I always have them drink at least six ounces of water, and then wait about twenty minutes before they eat. After the water, they either forget they were hungry, or they eat less than they otherwise would have. 

I basically had the same lunch as the girls did, but mine was much bigger, which was a good thing because Elizabeth came along and ate half of it. 

Oh yes, Elizabeth... well, she's been extremely difficult to deal with the last ten days or so. She's always been high-maintenance, but man is she cranky and clingy lately. She's refused to eat anything except yogurt and some fruit for a good two weeks now. I always give her a plate of whatever it is the rest of us are having, but it usually ends up on the floor. Anyway... she was a moody monster this morning. I put her in for an early nap and she slept for three hours! She usually wakes up crying from her naps, but today she was all smiles "Hiiiiii!"  She was really happy, bouncy, and then ate half my salad!  I am thinking the worsening of her moods and food issues were caused by yeast die-off. I really hope we have turned a corner with all the kids at this point. 

Tom and I went to the movies, and then had dinner at a new (to us) steak house around here. I ordered extra steak so I could bring it home for tomorrow's breakfast. Score. While the steak and steamed squash was decent, both Tom and I agreed that we miss potatoes with steak. At the same time I wasn't really tempted to eat them, but I did miss them. Not sure that makes sense.

 My resolve for this week is to get more sleep. Going to bed at midnight, then getting up at seven is just not cutting it.

The 25th is Elizabeth's second birthday! Tomorrow's goal is to find a Primal friendly cake (of sorts) I can make (without too much labor/time) for her. I still haven't figured out if we can have desserty things during the three week challenge or not.  Anybody know?


  1. I figure it's okay to have a treat on a birthday and special occasions as they come so rarely. A few days a year of eating something that's not so good for you isn't going to undo weeks and weeks of healthy eating.

  2. We have no problem with cake, etc., on special occasions; what Heather wants to know is if so soon into this, would we be wrecking our progress if we reverted to a traditional sweet.

  3. i am adding 'primal' elements to my 'raw' diet....can you have all of these ingredients?:

    3 cups dry walnuts
    2?3 cup unsweetened cacao powder or carob powder
    1?4 teaspoon sea salt
    1 cup pitted Medjool dates
    1?3 cup semi-soft pitted Medjool dates
    1?4 cup agave syrup
    1?2 cup ripe avocado flesh (from about 1 medium avocado)
    1?3 cup cacao powder
    1?2 cup raspberries

    i have made this cake and it is amazing


    1. sub the agave for honey and it is "Primal". However it is still almost pure sugar since it is primarily made from dates.

  4. Heather, I am wondering if you do eggs? Did I miss that in your posts? The reason I ask is because what you listed, above, for your girls' breakfast is what I have for my mid-morning snack! If I ate that for breakfast, I'd be starving by 8 a.m. (I eat breakfast at 5:30). Just reading over your posts from the past few days, I wonder if they are simply not getting enough calories. Usually I have three eggs scrambled in bacon fat for breakfast and that holds me nicely until about 10 a.m.

    Anyway, I have a gluten-free muffin recipe (more like a mini-souffle) recipe using eggs and coconut flour, and I make up a double batch of those to keep on hand for on-the-go breakfasts. Add cheese or blueberries for variety. If your family is eating eggs, maybe something like that would help?

    As far as as sweets go, when I absolutely have to have something, my daughter makes a wicked flourless chocolate cake using garbanzo beans and sweetened with Truvia. I can enjoy a piece relatively guilt-free.

    1. Hi!

      Yes, we do eat eggs. I made an egg muffin a while back and they kids loved them that day, but didn't care for them after that. Ugh. So I've made just regular scrambled eggs, put them in coffee cups, and had the girls eat on the go. We don't always have time to cook in the morning though, so that's when they get whatever is around. It took some exploring to see how much they needed, and what they would actually eat, but I think we are just about there. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Have you tried coconut milk? It makes a fabulous fruit dip and is great added to a smoothie. I'm referring to the thick, creamy (and fatty) Thai coconut milk, not the liquid, drinkable coconut "water." We've found there's some variation from can to can, which you can judge by the sound of the can when you shake it.

    Another food you might consider if you can get it in Kansas this time of year is avocado--good plain, added to salads, mashed into guacamole, etc.

  6. There are primal cakes, just use coconut or almond flour. I'm sure you can find something you like on the internet. I like baking with sweet potatoes, too. They add a lot of flavor and richness and are not starches like regular potatoes. In fact, I suggest cooking more with sweet potatoes in general. They help fill that potato void you were missing.

  7. There are a couple blogs that have amazing primal/paleo treats.
    PaleOMG.com and CivilizedCavemanCooking.com
    I would agree, given the special occasion, if you stick to Primal friendly ingredients you will not hinder your progress. Try to use a recipe that still has eggs and/or coconut oil so that you are still getting protein and healthy fats.

  8. Thank you! I had not thought of the coconut cream as a dip, but I will definitely try it. I love avocado, but the girls really don't. THey may eat it with taco salad, but not outside of that. :/

    I have to stay away from sweet potatoes (trying to lose weight!) but they kids might enjoy it--thanks!

    And awesome blogs, thanks for the tips!

  9. Breakfast smoothies can be easy, quick and nutritious and you can add the eggs raw with milk/cream, yogurt, banana or whatever is on hand.

    I also like to keep a bunch of hard boiled eggs in the fridge for mornings when there is just no time at all and if not used for breakfast they can be added to my lunch salad or eaten as after school snacks or added to our dinner salad.

    My husband has small containers of important condiments in his office so I can throw stuff in his lunch box willy nilly and he will have what he needs to add his favorite flavors.